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Review by Sofedup! on 2007-07-09
American Home Shield-(AHS) is a home warranty service that provides repair, or replacement for any home items that break, or is in need of repair. The consumer pays monthly for this service, anywhere from $30.00 to $40.00 dollars. When a problem exist, they send out a service contractor to check the item, and fix or replace it at no charge to the consumer. Well, my central air conditioning unit broke on July 4th. Since then, a contractor came out on July 6th, looked at the unit, and told me that my compressor is broken, and a new one needs to be installed. Then he tells me that it won't be done for (2) weeks because there is a back order on compressors! The Chicagoland area is in the middle of a heat wave, and they want me to wait (2) weeks? I then called AHS to complain, and was told. "Sorry, but we are not responsible for service delays due to parts or equipment." When I told them to find another contractor to service my problem, I was told that they would look into that option. So, in the mean time, I am just to deal with this poor service, the 90+ degree heat, or pay out of pocket to get my unit fixed. But in the meantime, AHS will continue to deduct the monthly $40.00 contract fee while sticking it to the consumer.

They just lost a customer!!
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-07-09:
You can't blame AHS for a backorder on compressors. And of course if there is going to be a shortage it's going to happen in the summertime.....so place the blame where it rightly belongs - with your AC manufacturer.
Posted by adzidek on 2007-07-09:
I agree with Hugh, AC parts are often in short supply during summer months, and especially during a heat wave in a busy metropolitan area.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-09:
I agree and we are in a heat wave almost everywhere.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-09:
AHS does not say anything about the availability of parts and doesn't have any control over that.
From the looks of it, they held up their end. I have to agree with HJ, ad, and lidman.
Posted by S. on 2007-07-09:
We'll probably have snow by this w/e. Supposed to cool down to 81 Friday.
Posted by TooHot on 2007-07-10:
I have had no a/c at all since 6/29/07 because AHS refused to replace my unit. Now after a few compressors and coils and A LOT of nasty phone calls, they have agreed to replace it. I have a 2 month old baby which did not phase them at all. This has gone on since 5/26/07. I live in TN so it's hot and humid.....I hope we get it working soon. They don't care too much about the customer if you ask me.
Posted by Sofedup! on 2007-07-11:
The AC manufacturer has absolutely nothing to do with this. Its about providing good customer service. My unit is over 40 years old!! AHS wants to drag out what is only the inevitable..Replace the entire unit! Ms TooHot is dealing with the same poor service, and don't care attitude of AHS. The only thing that's being "HELD UP" in this case is AHS not fixing the problem.
Posted by nursy on 2007-07-17:
I feel for y'all...I could have paddled to Tenn. in my rubber raft (see profound negligence, refrigerator leak) with your ac parts by the time the 3 rocket scientists, sent by AHS, pulled out my fridge!
Posted by moneybags on 2007-07-31:
AHS did what they were contracted to do. They have no control over parts for your a/c. Read your contrct.
Posted by jeniji on 2007-08-20:
I'm with you - sofedup. Our AC went out last sun. - same thing compressor and some switches. The repair guy tells us - no problem except AHS wants to use their own supplier and it will probably take a week. Well - I'm sitting here in 90+ weather, 8 days later and - yep, NO part has arrived to the repair guy. I have spoken to AHS multiple times - this exceeds their 3-5 day repair policy and this is unacceptable. Asked to speak to a supervisor - none available but they'll return my call - ummm no call. And when does staff work without a supervisor on the floor??? I just purchased my home in Feb. 2007 and was excited about AHS until now - I guess you save money - just don't expect repairs in a timely manner :(
Posted by MELAZ on 2007-10-08:
I've had AHS (American Home Shield), in Arizona, for several years. I can only say that I'm extremely satisfied with them. I've had my pool , my AC unit, my dishwasher, and my refrigerator fixed through them and it all went very well and to my satisfaction. I had no claim issues, no late responses, denials etc. My AC Unit was very complicated - because another company, doing routine checked, actually caused it to break and after three times coming out to fix it and unsuccessful, I called AHS, they sent someone out and fixed it. I only had to pay my service fee and the units have been working for two years since then.

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