Done Rite Van Lines Complaint - The Move From Hell

Review by msdelso on 2007-07-12
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Done Rite Van Lines... I called Done Rite and talked to Emily. I explained my move to her, giving all detailed information on how many rooms of furniture. I told her that I used a large trailor truck when moving into my house. She said their trucks are larger than the small ones, and that I should be fine. She gave me a quote of $700.00, with a crew of of 4 men. This now begins the move from "Hell'. The movers put half of the furniture on the truck, then called in to the office that they would be would needing a second truck. I get a call back from Emily that this move was going to take a lot longer than they anticipated. Also, with their packing and boxes there would be an additional charge of $500.00 plus additional $159.00 truck fee. I explained that I had a cashiers check for the $700.00. Emily said that this is now out of her hands. She would let me talk to Ariel. Ariel said that they could take my things off of the truck and I could just pay $600.00. I explained, that I needed to get moved out of this house, today! He told me that I would have to pay a total of $2,700.00 to complete this move. At this time I received a call about moving to my new location. The closing was cancelled. I am now at the mercy of Don Rite Storage. I stored my furniture there for three months at a rate of $475.00 per month. I called to have the furniture delivered. At a rate of 8 hours, 4 man crew, at $1,166.00. The truck should arrive between 9-10am. They came at 11:45am. They emptied the truck leaving half of the furniture. The driver came to me saying that he is going into overtime and that he would need an additional $300.00. I called Emily to tell her that I only had a cashiers check for the $1,166.00. She said I could go borrow another $300.00 or they could take the rest of the furniture back to storage and bring it back when I get the rest of the money. I continued to talk to the driver, he said that they would take everything off of the truck for $1,166.00. My new house has white carpet, freshly painted. I caught one of the men with a ink pen writing on the wall. They put black hand prints and finger prints on the walls through out. I put plastic on the white carpet and requested that they use their blankets also. They had black shoe prints through out the house. When they brought their blankets for the carpet, they were full of rat drippings thrown around the house inside out. They got upset because I complained, and they urinated on my new mattress, and took the leg on my dining room chair and snapped it off down to the seat. They finally told me they were finished, that I could check the truck. I saw more boxes on the truck, I said looks like you still have more. The driver told me those are empty boxes, then they left. I started to go through the boxes and check out what they had delivered. Then realized that they kept my Sony cd burner, brand new china, brand new stainless pots and pans, wall to wall mirror, dining room table leafs, Louie Vitton garmet bag, duffle bag, travel bag, purce, I have a list of items broken and missing. This was truly the move from "HELL".
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Posted by grandma005 on 2007-07-12:
Did they not have a check off list. They are supposed to itemized boxes and furniture with a number. As each item is brought into the house you check it off as having received it.
Posted by poppapia on 2007-07-13:
They urinated on your mattress? Don't you think you're exagerrating a little?
Posted by firengine103 on 2007-07-13:
Sounds like a case made for television court. Call Judge Judy.
Posted by peterdj on 2007-07-27:
Sorry to hear about your moving experience. I have just had a similar one.The quote was $475, the final bill over $3000. I am taking them to small claims for deception. Sue them!

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