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Review by KT01 on 2007-07-13
SOUTHPORT, CONNECTICUT -- Hi, Just wanted to warn everyone about Bravo Entertainment Consultants, a ticket broker. I ordered concert tickets for a show in May 2006. I did lots of research on the computer and through the phone book of different brokers inventory. Basically all brokers carried the same tickets at different prices. I knew exactly what tickets/seats I wanted and began my search of who was selling them the cheapest. Upon calling Bravo Entertainment I was assured by [name removed]'s employee that they had the seats I wanted, at a price that I found to be the best. [name removed] also called me to assure me of the tickets and told me to send over an email granting her permission to charge the credit card for my order. I did just that and received a response from [name removed] that my tickets were on the way. I knew something was up when I looked on the computer at the other brokers and saw that my tickets were still available for purchase. I immediately called to find out why, and where my tickets were, for I had still not received them. I was told not to worry the tickets I ordered were mine and I would receive them shortly. I finally received "my tickets" about a week before the show date. The tickets I received were worth about $200.00 from all the other brokers. Not the $538.00 tickets I paid for. I immediately called [name removed] and her response to me was that she never even had the tickets that I ordered. Although I sent her an email stating exactly what seats, section/seat number that I was authorizing her to charge my account for. She said that she really didn't pay attention to what I wrote. Luckily I saved this email which also had her written response back to me. She told me that if I wanted to use these tickets that she would give me a partial refund. Which I denied. I wanted what I ordered or close to it, so I wanted a full refund, which she agreed. I sent the tickets back certified mail and was told that the credit card would be credited. I ended up buying my tickets from ebay the day before the concert and received my tickets via DSL service the day of the concert, very inconvenient. The credit card was never credited. My phone calls to [name removed] were never again answered. And I received a credit in the mail for Bravo Entertainment in the amount of $538.00. Again I immediately called and again no answer so I removed the charge from the credit card. In December 2006 I receive a letter that I am being sued for the $538.00 for braking a contract with her because "I found cheaper tickets somewhere else". Blatent lie! But what [name removed] failed to realize was that I had saved everything that could back me up. I had her email, I had my ticket purchase from ebay the day before the show, and my concert tickets which were basically the same seats that I had originally ordered from [name removed], at basically the same price. I went to court a couple of weeks ago and obviously the Judge saw right through her, judgement for the defendant, me. I'm sure her hopes were 1.That I wouldn't notice that she gave me the wrong tickets, she would have made a really nice profit, 2.If I did realize they were the wrong tickets, I would still use them seeing how she sent them so close to the concert date, 3.That I wouldn't show in court so she would automatically win. 4.And lastly that if I did show in court I had nothing to back me up.She told some blatant lies and showed the Judge her "ticket purchase policy" which I knew nothing about until I received my wrong tickets, the policy was on the back of the ticket envelope. Sorry [name removed], better luck next time.....or not.....hopefully everyone reads this and avoids [name removed] "trying " to scam them.
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Posted by Gando on 2007-07-13:
Wow! Good for you! Thank you for a great post!
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-07-13:
Ha, the nerve of them/her to sue you. Clearly since you can provide us and a judge a year later with convincing facts, she knew from the get go they were in the wrong. Glad to hear you were so prepared.
Posted by RetailStinks on 2007-07-13:
It's great that you saved the emails from her to back you up. So many people think that since the transaction is over, it's ok to throw away or delete receipts or communications pertaining to it. Glad the judge saw through that idiot.
Posted by eangel on 2007-12-21:
I wish I had been as careful as you were keeping records! Bravo Entertainment just scammed me. I ordered 7 "premium tickets" for the Hannah Montana concert from her (supposed to be the greatest x-mas gift for a bunch of girls) and not only was she not able to get the tickets to me until 4:00 on the day of the show (after promising they would be available 1 week before the show), but suddenly our seats were "Limited View" and in nose-bleed territory. We were in such a rush to get to Hartford that I didn't even look at the tickets until we got to the show (very foolish, I know). I had to call her twice before she would even return my call and she basically denied ever promising the premium seats (even though she had verbally told me the exact section/seat numbers when I ordered them back in September), told me I should have been grateful that she even got me the seats (isn't that what I was paying her for??) and hung up on me. Nice business practice...Never use Bravo Entertainment!!

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