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Review by LaD on 2007-07-16
Everyday life is a constant frustration to me because I am not considered in the commercial world.

I need to open a canned ham. I pull the tab---sorry, I can't do that. I wiggle the tab off and then run the can thru my can opener. Whew! it worked.'

I need to clean my toilet bowl but cannot open the toilet bowl cleaner. I go out in my garage & get the pliers & twist the top off. Success! Good for me.
I have a filter for my vacuum cleaner. The trouble is, I can't open the package. After an hour of frustration, I call the company. The girl suggests I use scissors, & explains this has been a reoccurring problem. 15 mins. later I get the package open, but my hands are now "singing with pain".

Do you see my problem? Help!!! I am only one of millions of old people with arthritic hands trying to survive.

I know we are living with one foot on a banana peel, but do we have to suffer our way out when this could be corrected?

I'm you Mother, your Grandmother, your Aunt,----you get the picture.

LaD frustrated arthritic "old" person.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-16:
Add Father, Grandfather, Uncle.
I can sympathize with you. I have several gadgets I've picked up at different kitchen supply places over the years.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-16:
No arthritis here... but I struggle all the time with the vacuum packing that all electronics comes in now. You can barely even slice it open with scissors, and when you do, the edges of the plastic are razor sharp. As far as I can tell, they do this because the package is so mangled after you get it open, that it discourages any attempt to return the item.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-16:
Very good review and I agree with you 100%, Thanks
Posted by Arlene on 2007-07-16:
Lidman, I second that. I have trouble with opening some things and i have fairly limber hands because my hobby is jewelry making. And those plastic things you have to cut upen...I almost needed stitches from the packaging cutting me a few years back! As far as medicine bottles go...give it to a three year old, they'll open it for you!

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