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Review by Anonymous on 2002-07-30
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- In December I signed a contract with Steve Lodholm of All American Construction. He was referred to me by The Home Service Store (HSS). Their claim is that they provide members with prescreened qualified tradesmen. I've found that to be false.

(1) Mr. Lodholm wrote my contract under a company name that is non-existent. All American Construction does not exist at the address listed (or at least it did not during the time of this ordeal). Mr. Lodholm did not provide me with license or bond information when he wrote the contract. When I asked for it he came up with a million excuses not to give it to me. I even went to the Washington State L&I Board trying to get it. At first it appeared that Mr. Lodholm was not licensed, but I later found out that he was using his wife's license (Sheri Rose of All American GutterTech).
(2) Mr. Lodholm did sub-standard work on my home. For example, he vented the sump-pump under my front porch; several walls are obviously not straight; one side of the shower entry way has 4x4 tiles while the other side of the shower entry way has 6x6 tiles. The list of bad work is really long.
(3) Mr. Lodholm hired unlicensed sub-contractors. The plumber hired did not have a license at the time he did the work on my home.
(4) Mr. Lodholm did some of the plumbing and electrical work himself, even though he is not a licensed plumber or electrician.
(5) Mr. Lodholm did not get a single permit or inspection, and when I brought the subject up, he claimed that the reason that he didn't get them was that I told him not to. Of course, to a degree, HSS bought into this explanation. Melissa Stevens, of HSS, even asked me why I didn't make sure that he got the permits. I had assumed that was what I hired him to do; after all, he was a pre-screened qualified tradesman.
(6) Mr. Lodholm has refused to provide any lien releases from his sub-contractors. One excuse was that the tile guy had moved out of the country. When I asked him how he knew that the tile guy had moved out of the country, he said because the guy would not return his phone calls. His excuses became more ridiculous as the time went by.
(7) Mr. Lodholm assured me that the job would be done in six weeks, because he wanted to move all the furniture in the downstairs to the upstairs so that he could have more work room. I agreed to this. Four months later he was still not finished with the work. At that point I kicked him out.
(8) Mr. Lodholm has intentionally tried to cheat me out of money by requesting reimbursement for supplies that he did not use.
(9) And after all that Mr. Lodholm has called me a liar, a thief, a cheat, and much more.
(10) And HSS has done nothing to alleviate the situation that to ask him "please".
(11) After providing HSS with tons of documentation, after scores of phone calls with their claims administrators, after sending them pictures of the poor workmanship, HSS still refuses to remove Steve Lodholm from their referral list.

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