Netsco Travel Complaint - Letter from Company in Response to My BBB Complaint Really Ticked Me Off!

Review by Anonymous on 2002-08-01
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I haven't been this pissed since that online currency company declared bankruptcy:

Back in April, my dad bought round-trip tickets for me to Beijing from a consolidator travel agency in NYC. Over the phone, the travel agent recommended an open return. My dad told her that I'll be going to school in the fall and was there a possibility that I couldn't return with such a ticket? The travel agent said there would be no problem returning-I just had to confirm my reservation in Beijing-and my dad sent in the check (a big mistake meaning he couldn't dispute the charges). About two weeks before leaving, I called the Air Canada office in Beijing. Not surprisingly, there were no seats available for open-ticket-holders for the entire summer! How could the travel agent not have know that? At that time, it was so close to my departure date that it was better to just buy another (more expensive) return ticket, than have the entire round-trip tickets refunded with penalty.

When I came back from my trip, I contacted the travel agent but she denied everything she said on the phone and said that my dad insisted on the open-return ticket. So I was forced to file a complaint with the BBB. I knew there wasn't much hope for getting a refund on the unused portion of the ticket because of all the fine print, but I wanted an apology for what they put me through.

Today I received a reply from the company concerning my complaint. What angered me the most was not the company denying once again that it wasn't their fault, but it called my complaint an "act of misdemeanor" and my father "dishonest" in trying to exact an apology. What's more, they included a bill for $290, which includes $80 for "US and Canada airport security fee, immigration fee, US Custom fee, agricultural fee, sanitary fee, and etc that are short paid," in addition to $210 for tranlation services and hiring personnel to write the reply letter!

I'm confounded with how to deal with this. Should I sent a copy of the letter to the BBB? I would like to go to court but I doubt I'll win without the actual telephone record of the sale. Are there complaint websites out there that specifically deal with travel agencies misconducts?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-08-01:
Looks like you were ripped off by a two-bit travel agency. Why is it that so many business people lack any sort of ethics? It's because they can't admit when they are wrong and own up to their mistake. Anything for a buck. As for that bill that they sent to you, I would make a copy for your records and then shred the other copy and send it back to them with a snapshot of your middle finger.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-05-11:
This is why when you purchase ANYTHING, especially airline tix, you should use a major credit card. They don't take a CC, you go somewhere else. Its your only protection.

As for the open ticket, an open ticket is the most expensive air ticket one can purchase.

You pay for flexibility.

I find it hard to believe AC had not one seat left for the entire summer as not many people purchase these very expensive seats.

Ive booked open tix for years and the one thing the passenger was always assured of was a seat.

Im sorry for your problems but there seems to be something missing here.

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