Dominion Nissan Complaint - Brand New Damaged - 2007 Nissan Sentra

Review by eff dominion nissan on 2007-07-19
COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VIRGINIA -- I had an 06 Sentra and was rear ended rather violently, destroying my trunk and injuring my spine. I returned the car to Dominion Nissan (place of purchase) to be repaired. They are 30 minutes away from me one way and after keeping the car for a month then called to tell me to come it up as it was repaired. It wasn't.

3 times they called me and 3 times I came and 3 times it was still messed up (long story short) with dents, scratches, broken pieces, etc. I told them I didn't want a car that couldn't be repaired and they "cut my a deal, dealer price" on a brand new 07 Sentra, jet black with nice rims (aftermarket, but I didn't know). My test drive was at most 30mph on one little side street and it seemed ok so I bought it.

I get not 10 minutes up the road and the tire pressure lights come on along with a slight wobble in the wheels (which is HORRIBLE at 60mph and up). I immediately called the dealership to inform them of the issue and they had me return to have the tires filled with nitrogen instead. This didn't work and I called back to tell them so.

They had me come back a couple of days later to reset the computer. No change and finally agreed to change out the tire pressure sensors. GREAT! Now, we can also look at the wobble that no one wanted to check into. They looked at it and told me that they weren't Nissan rims and they could do nothing for me, even though they were on the car before it ever met me! I have to take my car to their 3rd party, Leete Tire in Peterburg (FARTHER AWAY!!).

I do, and they tell me I have hit something quite major. I didn't. They called me a liar. I'm not. They said it's Nissan's problem unless I wanted to go ahead and buy new rims. For a BRAND NEW CAR with 29 miles on it at purchase, NO I DO NOT WANT TO BUY NEW RIMS in addition to paying for the ones I was sold damaged from Dominion Nissan.

Dominion Nissan continues to tell me that they are not responsible for wheels they have put on their cars to entice customers to buy. They are not checked when they are driven back to the lot from Leete (as in- no rollback, the vehicles THEMSELVES are driven to and from Leete) and they refuse to replace or repair their defective merchandise.

I contacted the BBB. Recieved a letter on the 27th requesting a copy of the repair order of the pressure sensors in order to continue. The very next day I received another letter from the BBB, stating that there is nothingn I can do because I am not alleging a defect in workmanship or materials. I called the man handling the "case" at the BBB (who has still not returned ANY of my calls) stating that this is EXACTLY what I am alleging. Then I was told by a business owner that the BBB doesn't serve the public. They protect business owners like him from people like me. People like me is anyone who has gotten screwed on a deal and the business won't fess up and take care of it.

I then called Nissan Corporate, whom I have spoken with 7 people to date, each one making many promises to return calls and take action. They have done NOTHING for me. I am about to take this to court. I was told by Dominion that they have teams of lawyers who have never lost a case and that I can't win. I'm going to try. I can't believe this!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-20:
Oh you can win!! You need to change your stategy though, Forget the BBB they are a complete waste of time. Two agencies you need to contact 1) your states attorney general and 2) your states motor vehicle department.You need to leave out the information on your previos vehicle and only concentrate on the current vehicle. When a dealer adds a wheel package to a vehicle they automatically assume responsibility for such change under federal and state law. Don't be intimidated about lawyers, if they are any good they will advise their client to settle as this case is a dead loser. Good Luck
Posted by Purdueman on 2007-07-23:
Many after market rims are not made to fit a specific vehicle. They are made so that one rim size can be made to fit on cars having different hub sizes. They need special adapter rings, called hubcentric rings, to make them fit. I purchased a set of hubcentric rings from 1010Tires for the American Racing Rims on my son's 95 Toyota Camry. Check your rims and see if they fit securely around your axle hub or if there is a gap.

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