San Quentin State Prison Complaint - Delivery of mail inside san quentin prison system

Review by angelfromheavens on 2007-07-20
SAN QUENTIN, CALIFORNIA -- Does anyone have loved ones inside san quentin prison and or having problems with san quentin delivering mail within a reasonable amount of time? Or any other prison in California? It takes 4-5 weeks to get a letter into sq prison. Try to write on a daily basis and your loved one will receive a bundle of letters at once approx. 4-5 weeks later! While in the meantime our loved ones are going nuts thinking we don't care. Isn't this a Federal crime messing with the US post office mail? Doesn't this make the US post office look bad? How can I complain directly to the USPS? I have asked in my local post office and only gotten dirty looks and they state they have no idea! Got any ideas how to do this?

Thank you,

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Posted by GWbiker on 2007-07-20:
The prison mail room is most likely the problem, as each piece of mail is opened and checked for contraband, resealed, then handed out on a daily schedule. This applies to general population inmates -- restricted housing unit inmates may see a tighter control on incoming mails due to a higher security level. Also, the mail room may be short handed due to summer vacation time chosen by more experienced mail handlers. In any event, the inmates should write in an official complaint to the Superintendent to investigate the slow mail delivery.
Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-07-20:
What type of crime did your loved one commit?
Posted by Starlord on 2007-07-21:
The USPS has no control over mail once it is delivered to the prison. Checking the mail is a very labor-intensive task, and takes as long as it takes. I was a CSO at the Arizona State Prison, and will make a deal with you. If people want to get their mail quickly, then see they do not do things thaat get them sent to prison. Each letter has to checked to be sure it does not come from another corrections facility, then has to be thoroughly checked for contraband. Then it has to be sorted for delivery to the inmate. At the same time this is going on, the outgoing mail has to be checked, and guess what? Both tasks have to be performed by the same people! You have to remember they are dealing with people who are known to not be too concerned about the laws (if they were, they would not be in prison). If there were confidence that the mails would not be abused, then they could move much faster. However, inmates are known to have people try to send them narcotics, LSD, and God only knows what else in any way they can. Inmates can only blame the inmates who have been trying to smuggle stuff for the last 150 years or so to blame for not being able to get mail as fast as on the outside. Get the inmates to be honest about the mail and they will get it faster.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-21:
Angelfromheavens, it is not UPS or the Post Office, it is the prison officials doing their job and checking the mail. They must read every piece that comes to the prison and open every package before it goes to anyone. Sorry but that is just the way of it.
Posted by angelfromheavens on 2007-07-21:
GWbiker,Thx so much for you opinion and a lot of what you say is true,it is a problem within the prison but the problem is the mail is not handed out on a daily basis,I can send a letter everyday and he gets a bundle of my letters all at once in approx 4 weeks! Everyone else has the same problem and this is in all the different levels of security. San Quentin can give all the excuses they want about being short handed,etc... This is still messin with the USPS and a Federal crime! If it took 8-14 days to get a letter in none of us wives would be complaining but this is every month all year long. Some mail is lost! Thx for you input.
Posted by angelfromheavens on 2007-07-21:
Starlord,You know I would make that deal with you if I could but guys inside is just that and no one has control of that. I can aprechiate you were a CSO in a prison and you know what is goin on and I also can understand what the cops have to due to go through the letters going in & out of the prison. As far as I'm concerned put more cops in the mail room and "Get er done" As far as the smuggling its not just the inmate running drugs and you know what I'm saying,which this has nothing to do with getting the mail through. Thx for you input.
Posted by angelfromheavens on 2007-07-21:
Lidman,no its not the UPS but the UPS needs to investigate this situation,no this isn't just the way it is this has just been goin on for the last year,its totaly understandable during holidays but now they never catch up and 4-5 weeks is a violation of the mail system no matter where it is and should be investigated, Thx for your input.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-21:
Angelfromheavens, while I don't know the law like a lawyer would I do know once a person is in prison that person losses certain rights and one of them is the right to privacy.

Don't get me wrong, I really am not judging the people in prison and I am not there judge, jury or jailer as most people think they are. I also don't pretend to be so self-rightist that I can say I am better than them or anybody that knows them.

With that said here is some information that may help you find the answers you are looking for, I hope it helps.

what's the setup for mail going into sq?


This next one is the main page for the site and there is ALLOT of information on there. Good luck to you and may God bless.

San Quentin State Prison - California


Posted by angelfromheavens on 2007-07-21:
Brenda,,don't be so judgemental you may find yourself there one day!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-21:
Dare to dreams !
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-21:
And PeeWeePerman is heard from again!

PirateWithParrot (07/21/2007)
Dare to dreams !

And he still has problems with words.
Posted by angelfromheavens on 2007-07-21:
Lindman,Thx for you open minded and kind heart you are aprechiated. I belong to prisontalk.com and so many of the ladies husbands,sons,daughters,pen pals etc are going through so much thinking we on the outside don't care,have abandoned them etc...its a tough situation for all involved here. I have posted this my3cents.com for all to ck out but I'm not sure anything can be done here as so many are judgemental instead of looking at the problem at hand. I also have found where to put in a formal complaint and have done so. But it takes many vioces to get organizations to listen,thx once again you have been great!
Posted by angelfromheavens on 2007-07-21:
Brenda I'm not here to judge or argue so enough is enough you never know what you could get involved in and not understand the situation,such as your taxes or whatever. Don't judge people before you've walked in their shoes,peace
Posted by angelfromheavens on 2007-07-21:
Piratewithparrot,I do dare to dream! lol
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-21:
Brenda never walks in shoes, she doesn't own any.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-21:
Don't flatter yourself.
Posted by angelfromheavens on 2007-07-21:
Brenda with your comments WTF are you doing here? You here to argue with people you judge or what? Arn't you lucky to be so high and mighty,you look down on everyone or just think that your gods gift to whatever? Look within yourself if your capable for some kindness,hope,love and faith and get off your pedistool.
Piratewithparrot(((((((HUGS))))))) by the way thx to all for you openmindedness and input but I'm outa here! Brenda is just to much,but woman you have to live with yourself and thank god I don't!
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-07-21:
I'm here to tell it like it is. Criminals already get too many privileges. They should just sit in their cells. No tv, no phone, nothing. That's how it should be.
Posted by angelfromheavens on 2007-07-22:
If I'm not misstaken isn't the suject here the "US postal service" or is it "Brendas judgements of other people & whatever flys out her hateful mouth"? God is the only one that has the right to judge others. anyone here want to get back to the subject at hand?
Posted by Babsy234 on 2007-08-23:
Angel...I'm with you all the way - for all of the comments you made. BTW, I don't just feel that way because my bf is in prison right now. Those who judge will stand in judgment. Another point to make is that someone MIGHT NOT be a criminal themselves, but get "caught up" with someone who is....consequently having to serve time, just for being with the person when the crime was committed. Anyway.....

I have been having problems with the mail system too. It's incredible. I even had an "argument" with my bf over the idea that he thought I wasn't caring or sending him letters...yet he KNEW the mail was slow.

Anyway, just know you are not alone.

Does anyone out there know how to put money on someone's books at San Quentin when you do not have a bank account??? Can you do money orders, if so how???
Posted by Starlord on 2009-03-06:
I did not mention in my response that the Arizona system, with its wide collection of prison units plus the privately operated prisons are really pretty quick in processing the mail. Most inmates get mail every day, and there is only a two to four day delay in the mail. I do not know what California's system is doing that delays mail that long. However, the fact remains, prisons are given the ability, due to security considerations to process mail differently than it would be handled out in the real world. If convicts would change their ways after their first brush with the law, there would be no recidivism and the prison population would not be so great. I still maintain that the abuse of the mails by prisoners since the beginnings of the penitentiary systems, is the proximate cause for the conditions today. It is not the officers who cause the mail's delay, but the icreased security measures due to inmates and their people outside who make it necessary.
Posted by Rebbeca Salsbiury on 2012-12-04:
I find it disgusting how long it takes to get letter to an inmate in prison . I don't give a shit why they are there or "they shouldn't have ended up in prison" all I can due to that is SHAKE MY HEAD . Prisoners have a right to receive their mail daily , just as we do . And for the STANLORD guy , you shouldn't be so damn judgmental . If it wasn't for these inmates , you or millions of other people would have no JOB or MEANS OF AN INCOME . so yall that work at the prisons should be THANKFUL and do your job correctly !!!!!! ANGELFROMHEAVENS I understand completley what you are going through , my fiance is there now for complete BS . And it takes forever to get his mail, I think its just the people "in the mail room" messing with the inmates , being lazy asses or Just don't want to hurry up because they are "JUST INMATES" , or all of the above. it makes me so damn mad I CANNOT EVEN SEE STRAIGHT . maybe they should hire more responsible workers that value and "like" what they do .
IM JUST SAYING !!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Lena Fields on 2013-04-30:
Just would like to know the amt. of pages we are allowed to mail and can I send it in a letter size envelope. Would appreciate your response.

Thank you kindly
Sincerely Lena Fields

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