Cookeville Honda Informative - Changed price after sale-watch out

Review by marabbit on 2007-07-21
COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I contacted Bernie Morris about purchasing a 2007 used Odyssey with 8900 miles, he was out of the office but gave me the number to his assistant. The assitant, after I gave him the stock number of the vehicle, quoted me a price. We had been planning on waiting on the 08's which are going to be delivered in less than 30 days, but the price was a used price for a like new vehicle so after I called Bernie back a day or 2 later and discussed it with him, including the price I was quoted, I decided to take the van. Well then he said that I was quoted the wrong price, but that they would honor that price and actually said he had to talk it over with the general manager and called me back to say he had gotten it ok'd and took my credit card number for a deposit. My lease company then worked to get the deal done within the day as I was going out of town for 2 weeks the following business day, plus got the van added to my insurance. Bernie was aware I was going out of town, and was stopping at his dealership, almost 300 miles away, to pick up the van which I was then driving on my trip. I made arraingements for the car I regularly drive to have some minor repairs done and dropped it off at my local dealership. So Bernie also knew that when I arrived at his dealership I was not going to be in a vehicle I would drive on the trip. As almost an afterthought I asked Bernie to fax me a copy of the bill of sale so the lease company would have it in their files until I returned 2 weeks later with the title. Well about an hour after my request and still no fax copy, I called again. About 1/2 hour later Bernie called to say that they could not honor the price quoted and that the vehicle would be an additional $1000, which made the deal go from being pretty good, to average. My problem with this is not that they made a mistake pricing origionaly,things like that happen, it is that had I not insisted on a bill of sale they wouldn't have told me I would have to pay the additional $1000 until I had driven almost 300 miles to the dealership and was on my way on a trip that I would not have driven the vehicle I was in so I would have either had to kill 8 more hours driving home and then turning around and driving back by the dealership on my trip or paid up the $1000. I actually think that was their intention as the price on most vehicles is listed on the internet, but this high demand vehicle, you have to "call for quote". They intended to lure you to the lot giving a low price on it, then up the price, or get you to buy another vehicle. Had this not been their intent, I feel that on one of my earlier calls with Bernie, he should have told me I was quoted the wrong price, or at the very least never taken my credit card for deposit and said he had worked the deal out. I also had already killed most of my day working on getting the deal done, and now had to spend the rest undoing it, plus am now having to get another vehicle ready to make the trip as my car had been started and will not be ready til late afternoon of the day I needed to leave. The good news for me is I had another vehicle available. Also I had been debating between the Sienna and the Odyssey, this has definately soured me on Honda dealerships and since service is as important as sales and apparantly Honday doesn't monitor the dealerships well enought to prevent this type of hook and crook I am going with the Sienna.

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