starving students movers Complaint - failure to live up to price quote, stealing/loss, poor everything

Review by Anonymous on 2002-08-11
LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I believe in letting people know when they've done a good job, which is why I'm writing this letter. I wanted to tell you about a recent experience with the overall experience at ‘Starving Students Movers’, a moving company! ONCE IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

This is a copy of a second official try to get any, most, or full satisfaction, or at least what was promised.
I was given a quote of $1500-$2000.00, and 2 days to pack and move a 3 bdrm house to a storage facility and my new place to live. The move was less than 10 miles total.
I was given the quote over the phone, but I insisted that I was given an official quote, which in my mind, meant coming over and looking at everything they had to pack, and move. They finally came out, inspected it all, inside, garage, backyard, and then I asked if the quote was still right on, as I had lived there for 28 years. They said, '2 to 3 days and 1500/2000 was good'.
The first day, they packed, moved some things to storage, and the bill was $902.00. The second day, I asked what time do you think this will come to? The driver/lead man said 'we'll be done by 2:00/3:00 pm'.they worked untill 3:00, I knew they wouldn't make it before nighttime, and I asked for an update. He said by 6-7:00pm. I told him again, 'that the storage yard was only open till 10:00pm', and we had to be done loading and out the door before then or it need to go the next day.
Well, they "finished" at 3:00A.M., woke me up, and told me they wanted their check for $2448.00 now. I woke up, looked at everything, and noticed that everything was in my apt, as nothing made it to storage as they didn't get transporting from my house until 11:30pm, and since it was 3:30am now, I said 'you have to come back tomorrow and take most of the stuff to storage'. He said OK, I'll just write you refused to pay, and you can discuss it with the office tomorrow. I said you need to come back, there is still another i/2 load left at the house, next to nothing went to storage, and my apt is wall to wall boxes, stacked 4x high. And I'm saying a 2 bedroom, living room, dining rm, and kitchen, packed 4 high. You can't leave like this, You need to come back and I'm not refusing to pay, but I was given an estimate for 15-2K and now you're already 1K over that, and you’re not done. They left, leaving the front door wide open, and unknown to me, all my electronics, 36" TV, stereo, etc.
They didn't show up at 7 am, 8:00, and at 9:00am I called and was given the line that I had refused to pay, I didn't schedule another day, and they were booked until Wednesday, and would not discuss the fact that the bill was 1000.00 too high, they didn't make it to storage, and the fact I couldn't move with all the boxes.
They didn't come back until Thursday, and demanded I pay, in cash, the $24xx.xx, before they would start. I ran to the bank, got 3500.00, got back and paid them. They started loading all the boxes, and went to storage, unloaded and refused to take anything else from either storage to apt., or vice-versa, as that would be another move. And before we left, they demanded an additional $450.xx.
After unpacking, I noticed my cell phone missing from the last move of the second night. I made a big deal of putting it on the entry shelf, told everyone, so they wouldn't move it or ...??
Upon awaking from the 3:30am move, I couldn't find the phone, and called the office about it. excuse,.........
After they came back and put the storage stuff to storage and move the apt stuff to the apt from storage.
After all, I'm still out over $7,000.00 in stolen stuff-all listed in former complaint, the over charge from their estimate, and service that is appalling. Their recourse was/is terrible, and they committed fraud, theft, inconvenience, etc., ......
They even tried to make it my fault??

I hope everyone responsible for this ‘great service’, gets their due credit!
Keep up the great work!

Rick Wulfe
16761 Viewpoint Lane Apt. 109
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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