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Review by warddw1526 on 2007-07-23
I have not idea when I signed up with this company, but every now and then I receive an e-mail to do one of their surveys. Never hear anything about it. I picked up my regular mail on Friday, and there was a letter from them. Actually was no letter, just a check for $4. No complaining at all, but seems silly for them to send a check for $4.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-07-23:
Before you cash that check, you need to look it over closely - it's often used as an old trick to get you to sign up for some overpriced and un-needed service. Somewhere on the check (on the face or on the back) they place in small print something to the effect of "be cashing or depositing this check, I hereby agree to sign up for a service that is not only overpriced, but useless as well". Once you spend the check it takes much effort to get un-subscribed from their service. So check that check!
Posted by Dan on 2007-07-23:
great advice Hugh! Make sure you aren't signing up for some recurring charge service by cashing the check!
Posted by warddw1526 on 2007-07-23:
Checked the back before cashing it. Only wording was where to endorse the check.
Posted by S. on 2007-07-23:
It's a legitimate consumer survey site. I've been with them for years. I believe that's the site where 'Anne Parks' invites you to a screening to see if you are one of probably millions who are registered. It's nice to receive the checks. I believe the most I received from them was $20. The more common are $4 or $5.

There are several survey sites to which I belong. ACO allows 'x' $$ for each survey. Others may offer 'points' for each survey completed and when a certain number of points are accumulated, you can receive a 'reward' of either gifts, donations to charity, or cash. Needless to say, I always opt for cash. :)
Posted by S. on 2007-07-23:
BTW, good advice Hugh and chemman. Too many people get these 'checks' in the mail, cash them without reading the fine print, and then complain when they find they've bought something. I know all the sites to which I'm subscribed so no surprises. Also, any time you request a check, there's a confirmation page you can print off. I usually print it and after the check is received, toss it out.
Posted by steve101 on 2007-07-24:
Here is another take on this check scam. You cash or deposit the check. You or the bank records your account number on the back of the check. The cashed check goes back to the scammer. Now they have your account number and easily get the banks routing number. Now they can send your money anywhere in the world.

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