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Review by Anonymous on 2002-08-15
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Account #: xxxxxxx-x

15 August 2002

Dear Sirs:

On 2 July 02 I called your Customer Service Department at 877-562-3332. After an extensive amount of wait time, I spoke with a supervisor regarding my account. My specific problem was that I had received a bill for a single month. I was concerned because I had paid one year in advance and should not be getting billed for a single month.

I was told that the year had been completed and I was transferred to a monthly payment status. This was not what I wanted, I wanted to continue being billed for a year in advance. I did not then and do not now know why I was not informed or asked what MY preference was.

I made arrangements to be billed for one year in advance. I asked that they provide me with a bill to that effect and that was agreed. I asked about the bill that I had just received and was told that it would be replaced by a new bill for the one year of service.

On 15 August 2002 I again received a bill that was for a single month, in fact the same month as before, only now it was marked 30 days past due.

I again called the Customer Service Department and again waited an extensive amount of time. My first question was what comments were on my account regarding the conversation of 2 July 2002. The response was that the only comment said that I had spoken with a supervisor, no information was put into the account about changing to annual billing, sending a new billing statement, or anything else.

I again asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told that there was no supervisor there, that I could speak with "Floor Support" or leave a voice mail for a supervisor. This was apparently a mistake on my part, the customer service person could only tell me that I was 30 days past due and that the account was set up for annual billing and that I would have to pay the current monthly bill as it was late anyway.

As you might expect this upset me somewhat. After being scolded for raising my voice I again asked to speak with a supervisor. I was again told that I could talk with "Floor Support" or leave a voice mail. I asked to speak with a live person - meaning "Floor Support". The very sarcastic reply I received was "Well, which one do you want?". I then directly asked for "Floor Support" and was again chastised for being "rude". My response was to again ask for a supervisor "now". At this point your customer service representative promptly hung up the phone.

I attempted to call back, and after waiting a few minutes the phone rang through and a person picked up the line. There was no greeting and as soon as I said "Hello" the line was again hung up.

I called back a third time and received a recording that stated the office was now closed.

This is definitive of why I buy my accounts annually. Customer service simply does not exist, let alone good customer service.

I would, as you might expect, I would simply terminate this account and obtain service from your competitors. However, I use this pager to provide contact with an Emergency Management Volunteer Unit, therefore I do not have the luxury of choosing the service provider.

Please be advised that I will cancel my individual account if necessary and provide written documentation to my organization as to the events that led to that termination. I will also urge them to consider a competitive service at our next business meeting.

If you wish to retain me as a customer then I ask the following of you:

1. Fix this problem, bill me for a years service in advance so I can pay the bill. If I absolutely have to pay a single month plus the years service I will do so.

2. Restore my account to current and insure that this information is NOT reflected in any credit reporting agency.

3. Provide me with documentation of all comments and information contained in my account records. (I suspect that the last customer service representative may have included derogatory comments.)

4. Assist me in making arrangements to have my current pager replaced with a new one as it has ceased to function correctly. (An issue that I did not get to discuss with customer service.)

That is all that I ask, simply to be treated like a valued customer, not some deadbeat off the street. If the above terms are not acceptable then please notify me and I will pay any outstanding balances and you may close my account. You can also rest assured that neither I nor any organizations or individuals that I can influence will obtain service from you.


Edward D. Gleason
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-08-19:
Did you know that this company also charges a fee for sending you a bill? It is listed on your statement as "Admin/Stmt Fee". It is a small charge, granted, but I know of no other company who charges their customers for the priveledge of receiving a bill!
Posted by scvfd1204 on 2004-11-14:
I had service with Arch long before they were Arch (back when it was PageSouth). The service was great, and there was a customer rep in teh field that would swp pagers for me if something went wrong with the one I had. Well, all went well for about a year and a half, and then Arch bought them out. Needless to say, their level of customer service went completely downhill in a heartbeat. The service would never work were it once had, and the pagers I kept getting from them got worse and worse. I basically left them hanging after complaining to the Better Business Bureau, and switching to one of their competitors (locally based in Wilmington NC with better equipment). Arch is still sending me bills from 7 years ago, even though the account shows all zeros. Metrocall is just as bad. They want more customers so they can get more $$$, but once you sign on the dotted line, you are jsut a number to them on a computer screen. Big communications companies suck.

Oh, btw, I am a paging system technician, and I had tried and tried to get Arch to understand that something was wrong with their terminals, but they "think" the know it all.

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