Caress Complaint - Sexist Commerical

Review by 10retail on 2007-07-25
TENNESSEE -- Oh I'm sure I'm opening up a can of worms here, but I think the new caress commercials are sexist. The ones where men are insensitive. One I saw last night where the guy is being so stupid when he vacuums. First vacuuming up the curtains and things off the table and finally vacuuming his rings. I mean if a car company showed a woman completely taring up a car and falling apart before our eyes, that car company would have the biggest suit ever Yes I agree that women in bikinis to sell beer is sexist too. But still commercials don't make them look like complete klutzes and stupid. Cannot even vacuum right.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-25:
I hate that stupid commercial because it shows men doing women's work. How screwed up is that?
Posted by heaven17 on 2007-07-25:
Stew, I may be an atheist, but after that remark...I'm gonna pray for you...
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-25:
heaven17 -- God loves you so very, very much yet you don't believe in him or his love. So let me ask you, when you're burning for all eternity in the fires of hell will you believe in his love then?
Posted by Dirtydave on 2007-07-25:
Gee stew, some of us believe in faiths other than Christianity. Not all higher beings are so insecure that they require the treat of eternal damnation to get the respect of their followers. I have a problem with any omnipotent being that would profess to be a God of love, and then condone atrocities in his name.
Guess I’ll see you in HELL heaven17, by the way here’s the shortcut there www.voy.com/85495/
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-25:
Dirtydave - Please show me anywhere in my post where I mentioned Christianity? You can joke about hell, now.. you can laugh and be smug but when I'm in heaven with my 72 virgins and you're flesh is burning and you are in the lake of fire drowning in eternal torment will you be so smug then? No, you will be screaming out for mercy but there will be no mercy for he is a loving God and loves you so much that he would sacrifice you, one of his own children, in order to show that love.
Posted by Duckla on 2007-07-25:
Pick up the remote and change the channel. You have that right. No one is forcing you to watch the commercial. And, in case anyone else here can't tell...Stew was making a joke. :) I laughed.
Posted by Dirtydave on 2007-07-26:
Come on Stew, be a buddy, share the virgins! 36 each is enough for anybody! Now somebody explain to me how this dang vacume cleaner thing works! Better yet! Lets make the virgins vacume!
Posted by heaven17 on 2007-07-26:
72 Virgins, huh? Sounds like a B-52's song.

Stew, Stew, Stew.
I do hope you're joking...it's so hard to tell these days.

How does that work, anyway? Once you've 'had' one of your 72 virgins, do they get replaced with another one? Coz that one won't be a virgin anymore.
And what's so great about virgins?
Why is God pimping out virgins anyway?
What? We have to be virtuous and chaste while we're on Earth, but we die and it's one big orgy?

Posted by 10retail on 2007-07-28:
oh I know I usually change the channel I just want to see how everyone would comment on this. Not what I expected but ok.
Posted by D. on 2007-07-28:
I am NOT going to vaccuum for you Dave! You'll have to ask one of your other 35 virgins, cause this one says, "No"...in fact, saying no is what put me with your other 35!
Posted by goob on 2007-07-31:
heaven17 the 72 virgins can't be replaced or it wouldn't be 72 anymore it would be limitless. I love your post yer hilarious. You know if they die on a suicide mission their "souls" hover around the temple where "whats-his-name" is buried (It's a "peacful religion" though, dangit. 72 (souls?) "virgins" while hovering around in the air - with no bodies!! Talk about agility! I'm impressed! I'm wondering what the virgins get besides "used"? (welcome to "whats-his-name's" re-write of heaven...)

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