Oriental Food Mart Informative - One bad apple spoils the bunch.

Review by 45529 on 2007-07-25
I went to lane nine at Oriental Food Mart which is in canada because I am staying with friends. I went with my friend Paul and we went into lane nine, two bad things happened when we were in lane 9.

The first thing was, that when we were next in line (we both had a chocolat bar and one each. There was a bar behind them to saparate the items. The person in lane nine did not take the chocolat bars but she took these other items from this other customer and closed the lines, and i said that i was next and she said that i should show respect to the older customer and let her go first ahnd i said okay. Then it was my turn to pay which took a long time because she and that other customer were talking about something else, she asked the other customer how she is, she said fine and they started talking about another friend. I don't know Maybe the other customer was working there and finished work or Maybe they are friends. I think they were talking for a few minutes. She was not working so i said can you help me please. She said be patient don't you see we are talking, when she finished with the other customer she said that in China where she lives kids are not allowed to go shoppping without an adult an if they do and if an adult comes in line behind they have to let them in front of them. She also said that in Canada the children are rude. I said i am not from Canada I am from USA, and she said the children in USA are worse because it is a war crazy country. Then she checked everything and told me the total prise of the chocolat bars. Paul and I had already counted our money. In canada they have loonies and twonies and we did not have any, we just had lots of nickels and dimes. She said that she is not accepting cheap change and told us she did not want to deal with us no more. i said that that is all we had, she said either put the chocolat bars back or go to another store. paul said can we go to another line, she said she does not care she is tired just to leave her line. Lane ten was empty so we went to lane 11 she took the dimes and nickels and did not say anything mean, we said thank you and she said you are welcome. Then we went to customer service to tell about the rude cashier and they said thank-you, there was someone else in front of us and they laughed, when Paul asked why, she and her husband said that when they were paying for something they could find there credit card and she yelled at them to hurry up . They said they laughed because she is always rude and she is ruder to kids. The person at customer service said thank-you.

You guys however if you live in canada you should still go to this place because she is the only rude one just don't go into lane 9 or if you are going into lane 9 make sure she is not there, she is bigger than paul, but just a little bigger than me even though she is an adult. She has long black hair.

The man that takes the carts in is nice he when it is busy he lets me and paul help him bring carts that are too far away, and he showed us how to write our first names in Chinese. You should give him a raise because sometimes he has to get carts that are very far away when it is cold outside, even when it is snowing.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-25:
I'm glad in the end things worked out for you. I was sitting on the edge of my chair till the end. Nice review -- I voted it very helpful. A solid B-.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-07-25:
Posted by Starlord on 2007-07-25:
I was not allowed to edit my accidental hit on the post key, so forgive the empty post. This was a good post, but it was also easy to tell it was written by a minor. The onlt real problem I have is that the poster attempted to describe the cashier by using comparisons to the poster ans friend. Nothing there helps us, even if we were to go there. I live in Arizona and am disabled, so I don't see myself ever going to this store. I agree, a solid B-.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-26:
Good letter, just need to get rid of the he said she said stuff.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-26:
Finally! A review that sounds like it was written by a 12-year old, that actually was! Good job Billy.

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