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Review by 4U2read on 2007-07-26
I am a graphic artist who works from my home. I have two lines: One for my computer & one for my phone calls. I don't like answering phone calls from solicitors during my busy work day.

I had been getting calls requesting to speak to my husband during the day hours when he was at work. The caller would only give my his first name & refused to give me his phone number or company name. He just said that he wanted to know how to get in tough with my husband about business. Knowing that anyone who had business with my husband would know his work phone, would give me a phone number for him to return the call and would give me his last name, I didn't offer his work phone number.

On the last day of the call, I asked the caller if he was selling stocks. He said that he wasn't. Suspecting that he was not telling the truth, I called the number regestered on caller ID and the
operator answered as "Tiger FInancial." I asked what the company did & she replied that they were in financial planning & commodities.

I asked what "Joe's" last name was & she replied Sweeney. Joe had only given his first name to me before.

I asked if I could speak to a manager. She gave me "Eric" with no last name. I told Eric why I was calling, told him that "Joe" lied when he said he wasn't trying to sell stocks & that our phone number was on the "Do Not Call List." Eric blasted me & claimed that I was yelling at him. I wasn't. Eric also said that I wouldn't get any more calls if I gave him some information. He asked for my phone number, then my name. The phone number I gave & that's all - it was good enough.

We are always getting phone calls from people from such stocks, bonds, commodities companies wanting to speak to my husband. The callers are always sneaky, so I know how to spot them. I've even been called foul names for not supplying them with the information they request.

I just reported this to the "Do Not Call Web Site" but wonder why these guys think they are exempt.

I don't have an address for this company, but the phone number is: 310-254-3250.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-26:
4u2read you're doing the right thing by exposing these people and their tomfoolery. I found this review very helpful and voted it as such. Thanks and good luck!
Posted by Simbabe54 on 2007-07-26:
I get phone calls like this every once in a while....we are on the do not call registry as well as having privtae,unlisted phone number.I make it a point to ask these people how they obtianed my phone number,and are they aware that they could be fined for calling me?this usually stops them cold,and if it doesn't,I tell them never call me again or I will take legal action against them.All ofthis said in a cheery,saccharine tone of voice.They never call again after that.
Posted by 4U2read on 2007-07-27:
Simbabe: Good idea! If only the callers would identify themselves with a company name......Stock broker boiler room guys never do, so if I don't
call the number back (from caller ID), I can't be sure.

I always have to worry about accidentally offending a customer or vendor of my husband's business.

Some of these boiler room guys frequently call him at work too. They may be getting his name from a business directory or a "Who's Who" book. He has learned to say "My brother sells stock & bonds & is in the financial planning business," Otherwise, they call him back. Although one wouldn't give up on that answer either. It's a mess, but I just bet you nothing is ever done about it.
Posted by Eric G on 2007-08-13:
I am the "Eric" that this incredibly belligerent and hostile woman spoke to on the telephone. I am a professional with 13 years of experience in customer service, and am the Vice President of Compliance with Tiger Financial.

First of all, the customer is not always right. Second of all, while many people do not like telemarketers, that does not give the people who were "disturbed" at home the right to curse them out, or engage in other abusive behavior. Our brokers are honest professionals working long, hard hours, and we do not abuse the people we call. It is bad for business. I expect the same courtesy on the other end of the telephone.

When Joe called looking for a man, and a woman answered, he did not have the person he was looking for. He asked if the man was available, the woman replied, "no." Joe then said, "thank you," and attempted to hang up. When the woman asked if he was a stockbroker, he replied, "No, and thank you," and then hung up.

This was completely truthful. Our firm does not sell stocks at all.

The entire call lasted 10 seconds (We have software that tracks this). Joe hung up because the person he was seeking was not home.

The woman then called back, where she alleges that the receptionist told her we did "financial planning and commodities." We do commodities. We do not do any kind of financial planning of any kind. Our receptionists do not claim that we do.

As VP of Compliance, I speak to very few clients/prospects. However, the receptionist understands that if a client/prospect is being particularly abusive, which thankfully is a rare occurrence, the call is to be transferred to me.

When this woman (who would not identify herself) speaks to ANYBODY at our firm by calling in, they are given a name, the name of our firm, and what we do.

I answered the phone, "Tiger Financial, this is Eric, how may I help you?" If anybody wants to try calling in to test me, that is how I conduct myself.

She started bellowing that she was on the do not call list. I apologize, explained to her that this was an honest mistake, and that I would like to immediately block her number so that she would never be called again by our firm. We have blocking software.

She kept arguing with me, telling me that she was going to go after us, don't we know better, etc.

I then said, "Ma'am. You are talking to a very polite individual. Allow me to block your number."

After several minutes she simply would not provide me the information I needed.

Consumers have every right to have their numbers blocked, but in large corporations, when you get somebody in a completely different department, they will not have your number in front of them.

All I wanted from this woman was the phone number that she was called on, the city and state (I explained I did not need her full address, just the city and state), and the name of the person being called.

She would not provide me any information, and continued to vent. I then explained to her that she was more interested in arguing than in actually solving a problem.

Simply put, she was rude, abrasive, unreasonable, and downright nasty. I was polite, professional, and trying to help.

I know it is very easy to automatically always see the corporation as the bad guy, but sometimes prospects are absolutely awful in their conduct. Corporations consist of people, flesh and blood like you and me. This woman abused an innocent receptionist, reducing her to tears. She also verbally thrashed me as well.

My advice to consumers is this. The Do Not Call List is very serious. If a firm calls you, and you state you are on the DNC List, see how the caller responds. If they continue to hassle you, then yes, you have every right to be aggrieved. If they apologize, accept their apology. If they offer to block your number, LET THEM.

Then, if they ever call again, the company is lying, and should be punished. However, it is perfectly reasonable to give any company one chance to keep their word.

Anybody can go on a random message board and file anonymous complaints. It is cowardly, and in this case, deceitful.

This woman slandered me, my firm, and one of the brokers here. Unlike her, I did not hide behind an anonymous complaint. I have software to track who she is, and I will do so if her untrue allegations persist.

If you would like to speak to hardworking professionals, Tiger Financial is at your service. I am Eric, and I am the VP of Compliance.

If you ask me anything, you will be given an honest answer. I expect the same courtesy in return.

Tiger Financial Group, LLC
VP Compliance

Posted by 4U2read on 2007-08-15:
In response to Eric G.:

Mr. G. is not telling the truth on many points of his reply.
1) I used no curse words.
2) There were many calls prior to this one & the caller would neither give me his name, give me his phone number or give me the name of the company. As a matter of fact, when I asked for all of the above, it was denied. The reason for this was because the caller didn't want me to know any of those answers. I think the caller knew that our phone number was on the "Do Not Call List" and he was trying to get around it.
3) Each time the caller called, he asked over and over as to when my husband would be home.
Each time I said that he worked during the day.
4) Most people lump financial planning with stock & insurance because so many people call themselves financial planners when all they want to do is sell something. Financial Planning has become a buzz word for salesmen. It's an irrelevant point anyway.
5) Eric responded to me by making references that I was yelling (or some such implication) while I was on the phone. I neither raised my voice nor cursed. I think Eric was trying to impress an audience of listeners on his end. At any rate, Eric's behavior was bizarre.
6) Why should I identify myself? Tiger called my home office and bothered me illegally.
7) Eric answered the phone after the Tiger operator directed me to him.
8) There was absolutely nothing polite or professional about Eric's phone conversation.
9) I didn't say "Going after you." I said that I was going to report Tiger - meaning to the "Do Not Call List."

Tiger doesn't take the "Do Not Call" list seriously. If they did, they wouldn't have called. If they did, they would instruct the boiler room callers to give their phone number & company name when asked for it.

I am so glad that Eric has informed us of how they record phone calls. That is the proof that Eric is not telling the truth.

Slander is a legal term that Eric is throwing out foolishly. He must not understand what it actually means. This is a forum for people to share complaints about business who have not been ethical with the consumer who writes in. I am telling the absolute truth and have not made up any of this. It's not slander. If I am guilty of slander, then so is everyone who uses this forum. My complaint is about sneaky phone solicitors who try to bypass the law. Eric's use of the word "slander" is to intimidate me. I think that says a lot about his attitude about the laws governing phone solicitation. It's unfortunate that Tiger has appointed him to a position of VP - especially under the guise of "compliance" which would make it appear that Eric wants to comply.

I find it interesting that Eric even knows of this forum. Does someone at Tiger think that they should check it from time to time?

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-15:
4u2read, I agree with you because I have had many of these NON-Professionals call and they just don't know when to leave people alone! I would believe Mr Eric G knows allot about slander through because he seems to do it well. If I were you I would report him to the BBB with a copie of his letter here.
Posted by 4U2read on 2007-08-16:
Thank you Lidman. That's a great idea. I did report this to the "Do Not Call" site.

Eric made this statement in the second paragraph, "The customer is not always right." I'm not his customer and neither is my husband. Neither of us have ever done business with Tiger and never will do business with Tiger. We have never approached Tiger with an inquiry about doing business with them. To be a customer, at least one of these factors must be present.

Also, the calls made to our home asked for my husband by using my husband's first name only - to make it appear that the caller and my husband had a personal relationship. No such personal relationship exists.

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