Sprint--sprint as far away as you can Complaint - Bad customer service--Lies Lies Lies

Review by ruby6 on 2007-07-27
SOUTH CAROLINA -- Sprint will never ever get my service again. I signed up for a contract on Jan 05. 2 years makes Jan of 07. Does anyone know that they can extend your contract without you getting a new phone or without you upgrading or you stating that you want to extend it. when they offer you to try "this service" for free or "that service" for free, be weary. Be very weary. Apparently, the explaination is that when you tried the free nights beginning at 7 pm or the $5 for 100 text messages, you were agreeing to extend your contract for 1 year. DOES EVERYONE SEE THIS??? I wasn't told. I never agreed to extend service!! Yet, Iam still suffering with the lies & stupidity 6months later & until December. Every month for the first year, I had to call someone & fuss because they had added a feature or charged me for something that I did not authorize. Everyone please be aware.
The new thing now is to try and make money off their customers by making cheap cell phone that DONT LAST. Remember the old phones that used to last years & years. Well now, sprint will charge you $35-55 just for taking in your phone for them to look at it. they have a levels or ranges of prices for types of repairs. Can you believe this level of theivery??
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Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-07-27:
Sprint can always kiss my ass! I have AT&T (Cingular) for years now and they have never failed me ever.
Posted by S. on 2007-07-28:
Have been very happy the years I've had T-Mobile. But then, I don't expect a cell phone which will do everything except make an angel food cake, either. For me it's a convenience, rather than a necessity. I don't need to send text message after text message--and I always blast my niece when she sends one to me. :)
Posted by mparan on 2007-07-31:
I am cursing myself for switching from AT&T to Sprint. I think their Sales people are trained to tell lies, lies and lies and to give false promises. Once you sign up and enquire about the promised things, they flatly refuse to honour it, saything they don't have any such promotion. Keep away from Sprint, if you can, please...
Posted by BrianDGriffin on 2007-07-31:
Ive had Sprint service for about 4 years with no problems although i just upgraded after the second 2 year contract to a samsung A900 phone and the battery does not even last a day with no talk minutes on it. I went back 2 days later and he said yea those do that. Im like it says 3hr talk time on the card i dont even get 10minutes well sorry those do that. So they will no longer get my business or my companys, im sure he didnt realize that i setup the contract with them in the first place but oh well their loss.
Posted by Sprint_Supervisor2121 on 2007-09-16:
Sprint does not make the phones, the manufacturers do. We have the network, they make the phones. We offer insurance because phones don't last forever the are man made machines.Always be sure to get insurance, or if it is an electrical defect replace through manufacturers 1 year warranty. Sprint is a great company, we just have some horrible customers who just want to nag their way out of their contracts or get credits every month, because they don't want to pay their bill. Sprint is now catching on to these customers, and Sprint will not be manipulated anymore. Just to let everyone know, Sprint is not letting customers out of their contracts, if customers want out, they will have to pay the etf. We aren't crediting any valid charges or giving any more courtesy credits.

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