U.S Postal Service Complaint - Losing / sending to wrong Place

Review by Nawnie on 2007-07-28
PERRY, ARKANSAS -- My husband works for a trucking company and his checks are mailed. But we never get them on time and sometimes a week later. We know it is not the company, because my other two sons and a neighbor also work for the same company, they get theirs. The postal service has sent it as far as Guy, AR instead of the town we live in, but the others received their checks and the company had wrote the wrong zip code on it. We pay the post office for a service, poor as it May be and nothing is ever done. It's not just delivery it is also when you mail sometomething. Something needs to be done. The make good money for such poor service. If it was me and you we would be firednfrom our jobs, they on the other hand can get away with it. I think we all need to start doing business online and shut the Postal Service down till the can inprove there service. Its hard not getting a paycheck due to POOR POATAL SERVICE.
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Posted by Linda on 2007-07-28:
We live in MN, but also have a home in Indian Wells, CA. Mail that is sent to us out there from MN usually takes 2 weeks, somethime it has been 1 month for us to get out mail!
Posted by Starlord on 2007-07-28:
Easy solution to this problem, contact your company's Human Resources Department, and have them deposit your check directly into your checking account. It is faster and more reliable. We have my SSDI checks and my wife's pension checks deposited directly, as we have neighbors who we suspect get into our mail box. This way, we don't have to worry about our income being tampered with. Do that, and your problems will disappear.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-07-29:
You state MN, then say CA, and AR, How can you expect the post office to keep track of you? I am sorry, but Arkansas is not Minnesota nor is it California. My wife does a lot of mailing, as she makes and sells jewelry, and the post office has amazed us again and again with delivery times that are astounding. That is in the sense that letters and parcels arrive far before we expect them to. More than ever, I would recommend the Direct Deposit so that your funds are in the bank on time.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-30:
Complain to the postmaster that serves your area or consider getting a post office box (they can't possibly screw that up can they?).
Posted by no mail today on 2007-08-09:
I guess 20740 is as bad as 20722.
Check out http://www.dennisabe.com
During past 3 years the College Park Md Post Office has caused 1000+'s pieces of 1st class mail, DMV notices, end of year financial statements, Jury Duty Summonses, credit cards and "Final Notice" certified mail notices, mail from university departments that were mailed to University of Maryland students and student organizations at addresses other than mine in College Park, Md that were either forwarded to my winter home in Florida or delivered to my home of 50 years on Norwich Road in College Park, Md 20740. Discussions between me and employees at College Park Md Post Office addressing their delivery practices was akin to listening to Bud Abbott and Lou Costello go through a rendering of "Who’s On First."
View http://www.dennisabe.com to see one of the credit cards that were sent to me in Venice, Florida that was meant for a College Park resident.
Thank you,
Dennis Abe

get mail problems addressed

I’ve read about the mail delivery problems in your neighborhood. I encourage you to contact your congressman and to check your credit report.

7/12/07-7:15 am Received call from Jody Gwinn USPS regarding mail delivery problems at College Park, Md Post Office. His call was prompted by the requests of Maryland Congressman Hoyer and Postmaster General Jack Potter. This is the only contact from USPS in past 7 years that the caller actually sounded like my complaint is being taken seriously and the party is qualified to handle the matter. After speaking with Mr. Gwinn, I feel confident that the mail delivery problems at the College Park, Md Post Office may now be resolved. I believe anyone with a mail problem at the College Park Post Office should contact Mr. Gwinn directly. Find detail at http://www.dennisabe.com

Find Postmaster General’s direct email and fax number at http://www.postalreform.us
Good luck,
Dennis Abe

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