Review by dagirard on 2007-07-28
This so called company debited my account 2 times for the amoutn of $54.95 both times. I did not authorize them to do this, I contacted my bank and they closed out my account immediatly and refunded the charges and the amount that was taken and opened up a new account for me, they have flagged the old account so no debits will attempt to go thru. I contacted this company, they told me they would refund my money in 10 days, I got the check but for only one $54.95 transaction. I do not trust this company so therefore I am going to take this "refund" check to my bank and let them check it out and investigate it to see how ledgitamate this check really is.
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Posted by grandma005 on 2007-07-28:
Other people have had their check bounce. This check is probably no good and will cause you a NFS fee.
Posted by Linda on 2007-07-28:
Why oh why do people give out their bank account numbers? I give my account number to no one.
Posted by dagirard on 2007-07-28:
My bank said that if you buy something on line it is very easy for someone to get your account number ect....aslo, the bank said that if you use your debit card for purchases at a store or wherever a debit card is accepted to never use as a debit, always use it as a credit and not use your pin number that can be traced by theives. I do not plan on depositing the refund check, I am going to give it to my bank and let them take care of it, this company took out two transactions and only sent me 1 refund but my bank already credited our account for both transactions and the NSF fees caused by this place so actually I do not need the check, I will just turn it over to the bank fraud department.
Posted by R.R. on 2007-07-29:
You don't say who this company is or how they got your account information in the first place, but if the bank has already refunded these charges to you, then you are not entitled to ONE refund check, let alone TWO. If anyone is out money at this point, it is your bank, so any refund checks should go to them. The fact that you totally butchered the spelling of the word "legitimate" speaks volumes about your intelligence (or lack thereof).
Posted by yoke on 2007-07-29:
Raq, she did give the check to the bank. You were more interested in her spelling than reading the entire post.
Posted by R.R. on 2007-07-29:
Yoke - I believe she said she TOOK the check to her bank to very its legitimacy before cashing or depositing it, not that she GAVE it to her bank. Perhaps it you who needs to read a bit more carefully.
Posted by TiffNDC on 2007-07-31:
I was just browsing the net to see if anyone else has been a victim of this company and found this site out of many. They stole all my money out of my account. Which wasn't much. They took the exact dollar amount of what I had, which was $61.27. I have never heard of this company until today. My bank had me sign a fraud form and they will credit my account today. Please beware.

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