Alarm One Inc. Complaint - unethical business practices

Review by Anonymous on 2002-08-25
CALIFORNIA -- I am having a problem with: Alarm One, 1601 E. Orangewood Ave, Anaheim, CA 92805. I had an alarm system installed on August 18, 1999. I signed a 3-year contract. From the very beginning I had problems with the system not going off when the motion detectors sensed movement. Upon setting the alarm off it interfered with my phones. The only way for me to get a hold of Alarm One was to set my alarm off and wait for them to contact me, due to the fact that in my three year contact I had never received anything in the mail from Alarm One stating there phone number or there physical address since they had relocated. After finally getting through to Alarm One they sent out a tech and said they fixed the problem. Nothing was fixed; the alarm was still set off by a door slamming or my dogs barking. I contacted Alarm One once more and was told that it was my phones, so I threw out 2 phones, but still had the same problems. They sent out another tech and supposedly fixed the problem. Then my break alarm (for glass) kept going off because I live by a RR crossing, they came out again and claimed once more to have fixed the problem, but the alarm would go off for the same reasons. I took the break alarm off my wall to avoid having the police continually come to my home. Each time the alarm was set off I was charged $75 by the city of Aurora. I had to leave work on several occasions to come home and turn the alarm off. In addition to paying the city for coming out to my residence so many times. The break alarm would be set off from something as simple as slamming a door or my dogs barking, the alarm was useless. When the motion sensor is on and the alarm is set it takes about 8 minutes for the alarm to go off. Back in October of 2001 I sent them a fax and called stating that I wanted to cancel the service but they said I could not because I was locked in until August of 2002. Now that it is August and my contract expires this month I decided to call them to cancel for good. Now they tell me that I cannot cancel because I did not give a 30-day notice before the end date on my contract. A reputable company would send out a 30 or 60-day notice prior to the expiration date stated on the contract.
My contract states at the bottom of the page that if it is not signed by an “Authorized Alarm One Representative” then the contract is not binding! An Alarm One Rep NEVER signed my contract! I brought that observation to the mangers attention and was told that it is usually signed but they will still hold me to the contract, because my signature was present and according to them that is all that matters. Which means they said I have to stay with them one more year. When I spoke with Wayne Rogers on Monday Aug 11th he told me that they thought I might have changed my mind, as far as renewing my contract! Their logic is to assume that I will keep my contract, with out prior notification. How can a business be run in this manner? A contract is to be renewed upon the request of the customer not on an assumption of the company!! I went on line and saw complaints about this company (complaints.com) from people who have either dealt or are currently dealing with the same issues that I am facing, as well as other complaints dealing with the faulty equipment, lack of customer service, and unethical business practices.

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