Cingular/AT&T Complaint - Poor customer service

Review by sunnie1959 on 2007-07-30
OSWEGO, ILLINOIS -- My husband and I have been customers of Cingular for about ten years. However, since Cingular has become AT & T, we've had problems. Last week, my phone wasn't working correctly. Every other word from the person I was talking to was garbled. I couldn't even use the phone for four days. So, we took the phone into the local AT & T store in Oswego, IL. The guy who talked to us was arrogant and rude and absolutely NO help. He said that the problem was their network, not my phone. My husband's phone worked just fine, it was just my phone that was acting up. My husband asked how long could we expect this problem. He shrugged and said he had no idea, a day or two, a week...his attitude was that it wasn't a big deal. He said my contract isn't up until November, and it was clear to us he just wanted to get rid of us. I said, "So, I am paying for service that I can basically not use." He again acted like it was no big deal. I said to my husband as we were leaving the store that perhaps we should go to US Cellular when my contract is up and see if they can offer a better product with better service.

There's nothing worse that someone who deals with the public being surly and rude. I am very disappointed, to say the least.
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Posted by trumania on 2007-07-30:
So... you ended up doing what he wanted? He wanted to get rid of you and you let him.

You should have asked for a manager.

But, I must say, cell phone networks are not entirely reliable so it isn't uncommon for people to have poor signals. You could have also bought a cheaper phone to see if the actual phone was the problem.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-30:
And the real irony is that by the time you go over to US Cellular, he'll be working there, after having worked for Cingular and Sprint in between.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-30:
Since the merge, it seems that the cell coverage has gone down somewhat
Posted by jenjenn on 2007-07-30:
I had AT&T prior to switching to US Cellular. I never had issues when I had AT&T. I swtiched because US Cellular could offer me a better deal. I've been with them four years now. The network is great. I did have phone issues with my last phone. I've heard that US Cellular only sells refurbished phones, even if they claim they are new. I did learn this to be the case when having my other phone replaced on several occasions. You can't win anywhere apparently!
Posted by playrite on 2007-08-24:
Clearly AT&T has employees assigned to diffusing the bad PR they get from the website. Those negative comments are disingenuous at best. Real people don't write positive things about a company, unless it is truly doing good works, and AT&T is certainly not in that category. They just gouged me for a $36.00 "restoral fee". I won't be accepting it. I was robbed already from Sprint, then T-Mobile, and was sad to see AT&T take over Cingular as I knew this would happen. I won in the previous cases by the methods below, and will contunue to fight on principle.

My best friend is an attorney involved with the making these judgements at the FCC, and believe me, we won't see them broken up again until the democrats get back in power (in the white house). So, you'll have to be unscrupulous just like them and figure out a way to cost them money in return. 1.) File complaints as you stated you would. 2.) All else fails, file a small claim at home for the fee plus costs, they have to send an attorney or you win - and if you're not near a corporate office, even better as they are not prepared to be in your courts. 3.) Don't forget, the class action suits will be coming. This is price gouging. These companies have to demonstrate that the fee is justified by their overhead. There's no way they can. And don't forget, document everything you say, and they say. The more difficult they make your life, the more it's worth in court.

Keep searching the web for people like you and me. Eventually, we'll have our class action.
Posted by cingular tech rep on 2007-09-12:
ok here we go again...its not a network issue if your husband is on the same network right there with you...also place your sim into his phone and his sim into your phone and make test calls and if his phone is now garbled than its the sim...Go to an ATT corp store to get a free sim card replacement and before leaving the store make sure to make and receive a call..if and then having issues call tech support thanks

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