Best Choice Housekeeping Informative - Unreliability and willingness to place a child in danger

Review by on 2002-09-02
DAVIE, FLORIDA -- I had scheduled a cleaning with Best Choice Housekeeping in Davie Florida on St Rd 84. They were scheduled to be there at 1:00 in the afternoon. It typically takes 2 people 4 hours to clean my house. They should have been out of there by 5. This gave my family plenty of time to still get ready and continue with the plans we had made. At 1:30 I called and was told by Carlos that he had given the girls the wrong time. He gave them 1:30. It was already 1:30 and he called them and advised me they were cleaning a house that was extra messy due to a recent death in the family and they would be at my house at 2:30. I would have just cancelled however, I had a baby shower at my home the next day and would never be able to get it all done by myself with a baby in tow. The at 2:45 I called again and was advised they were on there way. At 3:20 I called and was told they were very close. At 3:45 I called and I was told they were lost and Carlos got them on the right track and they shoulb be here shortly. At 4 I called again and was told they were right around the corner. Then finally at 4:15(meaning they would not leave my house till at least 8:15 pm,plans now ruined)showed up. I saw them on there way in with a toddler and lunch with them. Before I opened the door I got Carlos on the phone again and advised they had a toddler with them. He said they would have been even later had they dropped the child off. Obviously they were not lost they were picking up a child and getting lunch/dinner. Carlos asked if I had a TV. I said yes but my husband was watching it. We have a pool and live on the water as well and he expected me to watch there child while they cleanied my house. When I told him forget it he said fine send them away and don't ever call here again. He acted as if I had some nerve not being willing to watch there child. First it is a liability to me should that child get hurt or drowned. I can't believe there liability insurance company would want to hear that the company lets the employees take children on the job. Then to boot we finally revamped our plans and when we left later that evening the cleaning people had thrown their Burger King garbage under our truck. I have notified the Better Business Bureau and am also going to notify their insurance company. They claim it is Allstate hoever, I have contacted them and they have never heard of this cleaning company in Davie Florida or anywherer in Florida!
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2003-10-15
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-09-03:
Yet another reason to do your own house cleaning! never trust a stranger,to do your dirty work for you! And one with a kid?? expose this to child services right away!This is not right!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-15:
I think you should of called the police on this one. Also, it was smart that you told them to go after they wanted you to watch their children. Sounds like these people are probably family owned or something, because they would get fired for doing something that stupid!

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