Ellington Automotive Compliment - Tie Rods- Repair

Review by GothicSmurf on 2007-07-31
ELLINGTON, CONNECTICUT -- Some of you May have seen the review I wrote on Monroe Muffler and brakes. They were trying to over charge me for brake repair. (To the tune of $400+)

I asked a friend of mine if he could reccomend a place for me to get my tie rods replaced as I had no intention of hitting another Monroe and the place he recommended for my muffler was fantastic. (But they only did mufflers)

He gave me the number to Ellingon Automotive in Ellington, CT. A week ago I called and got a quote for the tie rods at $117 plus tax. I asked if that price included parts and labor, and if it was per each axel. The gentleman I talked to told me that it included everything but the tax. He said installation was about an hour or so.

At about 12:20, I called to see if they would be able to fit my car repair in. The gentleman said he wasn't sure as it was getting late, but to bring it over anyway.

I had one quick errand I had to do before I brought my car in, and at about 1 pm I dropped my car off. I spoke to the same gentleman I talked to on the phone. I asked how long it would take and if he thought they'd be able to fit it in today. He said he wasn't sure, but that he would call me after he assesed what needed to be done.

He then went out of his way and pointed me in the direction of a resturant with in walking distance. With my keys in his hand, I made my merry way.

At about 2:30, I was getting a little worried as I thought he was going to call me before he did any work (but after looking at the car).

3:30 rolled around and I was getting even more nervous.

At 4pm, I got the phone call. Since they closed at 5:30 I was thinking he was going to tell me they couldn't fit it in, or there was a lot more work to do. But he called to say my car was ready! I was very happy. Even though he said the job would take an hour, I thought the few hours he spent was more than reasonable seeing as how I came in with out an appointment and they were fairly busy.

On the walk back, there was a part of me that was worried that they were going to tack on all kinds of "extras" to the bill and that I'd be close to the $400 range again.

When I went to pick up the car, he informed me that I would need new tires ASAP as the front drivers side is balding and there is a bubble in the front passanger side. He said he is worried about me having a blow out on the Highway. He then told me he had even gone into their junk yard to see if any cars had the right size tires in good condition, but didn't have any luck.

He then told me my price: $144, with tax. I was so happy, as I was expecting to be royally screwed!

Ellington Automotive went out of their way not only to keep their promised quote, but to see if they had any extra tires on hand.

From now on, I'm only going to Ellington Auto for my car repairs. The only down fall, no summer weekend hours. (Which is why I had to sneak my car in today). Over all though, that's small potatoes.

A+++++ For Ellington Auto!
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Posted by warddw1526 on 2007-08-01:
Thanks for sharing the compliment. Wish more poeple did that.

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