Kemptons Travel Town Complaint - Poor Customer Service

Review by rcflyer on 2007-07-31
MESA, ARIZONA -- I purchased my travel trailer (Forest River - Salem) in Tucson, AZ. I live in the general Phoenix area, but purcahsed from Tucson primarily based on availability of the unit.

I attempted to bring my trailer in for service on July 30th, 2007. The service lady took my information and utlined the delivery date, which was not a problem. However, once she realized we did not purchase the unit from them, she became very rude, and treated us as if it was a bother to service our unit. I understand their customers May get first priority in the line, but she clearly wanted nothing to do with servicing our unit after learning we purchased it elsewhere. Keep in mind, I am a prior customer of Kemptons (purchased my first unit there in 1999), and this was warranty service, which means the manufacturer pays them for any service they perform.

After leaving, I composed a very professional letter to them, simply stating I wasn't happy with the attitude of the service person processing my request, and I simply wanted to be treated with respect like any other customer. While I am not a customer of Kemptons for the trailer, I am a valued customer of Forest River, and expect them to service my unit consistent with what is outlined in my warranty. I was not concerned with the 3 week wait or anything else - I just raised attention to the rude attitdue conveyed to me. I am a customer - a service customer -- and expect to be treated respectfully from a business establishment.

The owner sent a reply to my letter, basically telling me to come and pick up the trailer. He reminded me that I should consider service, warranty, etc., in the future when making a purchase, clearly inferring that since I did not purchase from them I am not entitled to anything from them. Again, keep in mind, they are a dealer and my unit is under warranty - less than 3 months old!

I contacted Forest River, and while the service manager did agree with my position, and agreed the letter I sent was very professional and cordial, he stated they can't force a dealer to service the unit. This is of great concern, since Kemptons is one of the few dealers in town that service the Salem model - if dealers can refuse service, and Forest River is unwilling to mandate they provide warranty service, you could easily get in a pickle trying to get service. What if the place you purchased it from provided poor service and you wanted to take it elsewhere? What if you move out of state and need service in a new area of residence? Kemptons wasn't the only one - apparently, it is common for dealers to refuse service on units not purcahsed from them. Clearly, Forest River needs to toughen up their guidelines and hold dealers more accountable to their customers. I will say that Forst River was helpful, and was willing to make sure I received service - even if it meant going to a non-dealer and having to work out reimbursement for the repair.

This level of service is outrageous and ridiclous. I would ask you to check out my web site, PHXAZRVDEALER.COM, which will be online in about two weeks - it is being professionally developed, and I will have more details of this incident available, including the exact exchange of correspndneces, and a recorded telephone conversation with "Dave", who was cordial on the phone, but clearly stated he was refusing me service with no valid reason or explanation (yes, it is legal to record phone conversations in AZ without the other party having knoweldge!). You will also be invited to post your own comments or issues on my site, and it will have considerable exposure, with links from sites such as RVTRADERONLINE, and top search priority with the major search engines. My site will also have some information about how you can really get even as a consumer (ok, a plug for my site in here!). For example, I am contracting through a temp agency to hand out flyers (right on the sidewalk outside of Kemptons) referencing this situation - the street is public property - this will be a nice Saturday advertisement for them (and very cheap!)! Anyway, this site and other resources allow us to really speak our mind and hold businesses accountable for poor service and outright stupidity!

Thanks for taking the time to read my review - I look forward to your comments!
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2007-08-01
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-08-01:
Dealer's don't make huge sums of money on warranty repairs. They do them because it is a requirement in order to sell a particular brand. So the out of town dealer makes all the profit on your trailer and you expect the local dealer to handle all the warranty coverage. When they don't treat you equal to someone that bought their trailer there you rush home to draft a complaint letter - and then you are actually surprised when they tell you to take your business elsewhere? I hope you saved enough money on the trailer to pay for your web site, flyers and temp employees to stand outside of the dealership.
Posted by rcflyer on 2007-08-01:
Your definately the type of customer I want - low expectations of service! First of all, I didn't purchase elsewhere to save money - it was about availability - make sure your facts are right. Second, they do get paid for doing the warranty work. They have an obligation to perform warranty work under the guidelines of the manufacturer. Also, any company with common sense would look at it very simple - this is a potential future customer, who may purchase a trailer from us in the future or provide referrals - doesn't cost anything to be friendly and provide service. I wasn't asking to get priority over their customers or anyone else - just basic warranty service, and I wasn't going to complain about the wait! Also, I was a prior customer - I bought a trailer back from them in 1999, and bought many many supplies in the course of owning that trailer (where they do make good money!). Also, before buying this trailer, I originally did call their sales people - they had one posted on the rvtrader site, which I inquired about - and was ready to come down and work a deal - however, they sold out of it and had no current or projected future availability of the unit (the one I wanted).

Bottom line - no excuse to treat a customer like this. If I have to wait longer behind their customers...no problem. However, they should treat their customers with respect, and honor the agreement they have with the manufacturer to perform warranty service. What if you were from out of state, and moved here locally....and the dealer refused you service!

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