Lampasas, TX McDonalds Complaint - TERRIBLE SERVICE - Horrible Service

Review by Upset!!! on 2007-07-31
LAMPASAS, TEXAS -- This is in regards to McDonalds in Lampasas, TX. My husband and I, and our 3 children went into McDonalds on 7/31/2007. After we ordered and ate our food we decided to order McFlurries as we were leaving. We got our ice cream and the cups were only half full. I sent the kids back into the store with the cups to get them filled up all the way as I stood right outside the door watching them. My kids stood at the counter for 5 minutes with 3 employees standing in the area of the registers. Nobody EVER waited on them!! I finally entered the store and asked if anyone was ever going to wait on my kids and explained to them that they had stood there for 5 minutes and 3 employees were standing there doing absolutely nothing and we wanted our cups filled up the way they should have been in the first place. I asked for a number to call and make a complaint and they could not provide me with it. It convieniently was nowhere to be found. Most buisinesses have a complaint number posted in the store, but not this one. I was told to call the store tomorrow and speak with the store manager. My daughter said the employees looked right at them a couple of times and completely ignored them. This store was being ran by a bunch of kids that didn't appear to be trained very well. As long as there aren't any adults there to supervise a bunch of kids, I guess that's the service HOMETOWN and OUT OF TOWN customers can expect to get from the Lampasas McDonalds.
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Posted by 10retail on 2007-07-31:
its mcdonalds not a 5 star restaurant all of them mostly kids just wanting to make extra money to go to a dance or to a football game. They could care lees about anything but themselves. You said it yourself "ran by a bunch of kids" MCdonalds hardly trains anyone very well because of the high turnover rate of kids coming and going why train some one very well thats just going to leave in a pay check or 2. I don't agree with the ignoring but don't blame them, I'm sure you was a self centered kid too we all were.
Posted by runaway on 2007-08-01:
I can understand being upset over the lack of service at the end, but I notice you had no complaints about the meal you had already ate. 10retail is right, service will always be hit or miss until these places pay enough (and raise prices to cover it) to attract better employees.
Posted by poppapia on 2007-08-01:
Why didn't you notice the cups weren't full before you went outside, and resolved it before leaving? Also, next time take the responsibility of this on yourself, and don't send your children to do it for you.

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