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Review by HomeRepairNetPro on 2007-08-02
MASSACHUSETTS -- Recently having read some articles about “Big Business” infiltrating the home improvement market I felt compelled to chime in with some thoughts. My first thought was “Joining a company like this would alleviate all of the pressure off of my company” With not having to advertise much anymore on the face it seems like a good idea. Then I started reading about consumer complaints. Now I know in the home improvement business there are always going to be complaints. Then reading on even further these mistakes were blatant. In fact, they were not even mistakes it was more in line of “Who cares”. Well it all started to make sense.

You see just like anything when big business becomes involved quality definitely suffers. It is the nature of the beast. Why care? The little contractor who is now part of the Big Machine is untouchable. This brings us to the “little guy”. Again, I repeat I know there are problems from both sides but here is the difference. A small contractor does not have an agenda like trying to rule the world. A small contractor has a family and in most cases his word. A little contractor is local for the most part and if he has any pride in his work, he would be in touch with the home owner’s concerns.

In addition, if the homeowner did reference checks on the contractor. See (“The Art of Hiring a Contractor”) then fixing the problem should be easy to resolve. Now if it sounds like this is an assault on Big Business then I suppose it is. However, do your own research into this and check for yourself. In addition, check the price difference in quotes and measure that with the quality you are getting from the BIG companies. Home remodeling in itself is a tough business for both the homeowner and contractor. However, if you ask me I would take my chances on the local contractor with solid references and local ties to the community than do business with a company that I cannot even raise on the phone.

Remember in home improvement Bigger is Better does not necessarily work. Try the local contractor. Do your homework and give him or her shot. If the contractor wants to eat, he will care about the quality of his work.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-02:
Your points are appreciated. Usually the smaller guy not only does a better job and cheaper but will stand by the job until the consumer is happy. The problem is the consumer has to find the right contractor who can be trusted. People are afraid because of all the rip off stories.

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