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Review by Deaf in New Jersey on 2007-08-05
MANVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- My four-year old and I went to see the 4:00 showing "Transformers" at Reading Cinema Manville last week. When the previews began the sound was deafeningly loud. So I went out and told the ticket desk that someone had to lower the volume because obviously they didn't have the volume set correctly. The young man politely told me that he'd call up to the box. I went back to the theater and waited. My son began to cry and we both went back to the ticket booth. When I arrived I saw the way-too-young, nicely dressed Chinese manager and the young man smirking like "Oh, I told you she'd be back". The manager told me he could refund my money or give me tickets to a different movie which started in an hour. I asked him "Oh, is the volume control broken?" He said, " No that's the setting that the movie should be on and I'm not going to change it."

He then handed me tickets to a different movie one hour later with no apology. He never even went into the theater (which had 10 people in it)to check but sent 2 employees who agreed that the sound was a bit loud. I then thought, "So I have to stick around here for an extra hour because of this just-out-of-high-school manager and he didn't even have enough courtesy to offer me a popcorn for wasting an hour of my time because of his incompetence."

My suggestion to the owner -pay someone a bit older who knows the meaning of managerial and customer service like at the AMC where I went after since I didn't want to see a different movie.

I certainly won't go back to a cinema where I've been ridiculed and mistreated by a bunch of high school student employees. My problem could have been easily remedied if the manager had had any managerial or customer service skills.
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Posted by S. on 2007-08-05:
You're sure he was Chinese? Couldn't he have been Korean, Japanese, Polynesian, etc.?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-05:
I know what you are talking about, not sure why movie theaters feel compelled to blast the sound these days. I really hate it when you can hear the movie next door at the same time. If your son is super sensitive to loud noises you might consider (after checking with his doc) buying a pair of those soft earplugs from the drug store. My son is sensitive to loud noise as well and sometimes those help us.
Posted by runaway on 2007-08-06:
Ageism and racism in one comment....
Posted by leopard on 2007-08-25:
Not only are movies way too loud, just about every theater I have been to is also extremely bone chilling freezing. When going to the movies, I have to wear winter clothing, even in the middle of summer. Its rediculous.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-25:
I never go to movie theaters, anymore. The floors are sticky, the sound is too loud, the food is pricey, etc.

Just wait 'til it comes out on DVD.

You can wear what you want, eat what you want, control the sound yourself, and, pause when you need a break.

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