Ficka, Howard and Associates Complaint - Delinquent Collection Agency

Review by Infuriated1 on 2007-08-05
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I solicited Ficka, Howard and Associates, also known as Debt Collectors International to collect a debt that a client had owed me for a long time. Two months after I had authorized Ficka, Howard and Associates to collect on my behalf, my client decided to pay up, not because of anything the collection agency had done, but because of the intervention of a friend.

My client sent the entire amount to the collection agency, Ficka Howard and Associates, assuming that they would take their commission and send me the rest of the money. It has been over 3 months and I have received nothing from the collection agency, although they did confirm that they received the payment. They are avoiding my emails and calls and have not remitted to me what is rightfully mine, and what they didn’t even really work to collect.

Don’t ever use this company, they are a bunch of swindlers!
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Posted by Burny on 2007-08-05:
All I can say is read your contract....or at least be more specific with your post......Such as in your contract how is remittance to be handled.....monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly ect....I've worked with very reputable collection companies before and have dealt with this and what I have seen as standard is a 30 day waiting period for funds to be verified....(this is depending on type of payment) also another 30-90 day period before remittance. This should however be in your contract and if per your contract you should have been paid already then yes I'd go somewhere else. It is sad however that a low volume client will not get the attention that a high volume client will.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-06:
Are you sure they did nothing. If so why did your client sent the full amount to the collection agency instead directly to you?
Give credit where credit is due…
Posted by poppapia on 2007-08-06:
Happy, when an account is sent to collection, the originating business can not collect any funds. All payments must be made to the collection agency, per their contract, which is why the funds weren't sent directly to the business.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-06:
Did not know that... Thanks.
Posted by Jackie C on 2007-10-08:
Yea, Ficka & Associates are doing this to everyone. Google: Ficka & Associates and all their aka's, do a little research on them. They won't be around too much longer, from what I hear the FBI and all sorts of people are looking into this William Ficka who also goes by Bill Thomas. They don't pay people and make all sorts of crazy threats. They have all multiple "international" scam companies. The moral of the story I guess is do lots of research on anyone you do business with. good luck!
Posted by TV10 on 2008-01-07:
I got in the mail today an bill from Ficka & Associates today, charging me $930 commission on a $3100 account. The problem is I never got this $3100. So my guess is that either they pocket this amount when my client paid them, or it is easier for them to harass a small business owner like me rather than my client. BTW, my client is not some small individual. It is a big business that did contract with, and never paid what they owe me. I guess my client has bigger and worse lawyers, so Ficka & Associates backed off, and go for the small guy like me. Of course, their policy clearly states that if we don't collect, then they don't get pay. Well try to get commission on a $0 collection.

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