Morningside Heating and Air Complaint - Stay Away from Morningside - poor service

Review by Alpharetta Home Owner on 2007-08-06

I used Morningside for a furnace and air conditioning install. ( around $6000 )
They were referred to me through Home Depot.

After getting several estimates , Morningside was slightly lower in price and had the advantage of 12 months no interest through Home Depot - so I went with them.

Big mistake.

From the start , they were not on time and the install took much longer than I was told.
I had to eventually leave for an appointment and they " finished " while I was gone.

When I arrived home I discovered that my house was 87 degrees inside.
I also noticed that the workers had left trash all over my yard and in the crawl space of my house.
I called Cheryl - she said she would page an installer and have them come back out - and that she would call me back either way. I never heard back from her or from an installer.
I called again the next morning. They came back out - and discovered that they had wired my system backwards. No Apology. No concern was given.

A few days later ( early July ) My system went out again. My house was again in the upper 80s with 90 degree weather outside. I called and spoke to Cheryl again who informed me that she would get someone out ot fix it.
After a couple hours of not hearing back from them , I called them back.
Cheryl told me that her guy that was on call was not responding to the pages.
I told her this was unacceptable and that I wanted to speak to management.
She put in touch with Keith.
Keith apologized and told me he would fix it asap and that he personally would page the technician and the tech would give me a call. I didn't hear back from anyone.

I called Keith the next day , very upset.
He told me that his technician never responded to his pages yesterday and he had no answer for me. ( say what ??... Are you kidding ? )
( meanwhile my house is still very hot -I am spending the nights elsewhere because the temp inside the house is unbearable )

After a couple hours Keith calls me back to jokingly inform me that his technician had been out partying all night and thats why he didn't answer the pages.
I got very upset. Keith thought I was out of line and jokingly stated " hey man , I don't really care , my house is nice and cold today " .... I couldn't believe he actually said that.
I expressed to him that this was unacceptable and that I was calling Home Depot customer service. Keith then hung up on me. Thats right, Morningside Heating and Airs response was to hang up on their customer who had given them $6000.

At this point, I went down to my crawlspace to discover that I had several inches of water due to an incorrectly installed system , exposed furnace wiring in the water and vents that were not connected. My crawl space had been getting plenty of air conditioning.

I called Home Depot and talked to the SouthEastern Regional Manager , Jerry Helms.
I gave him all the information to date and he assured me it would be handled. A file was made on Morningside at Home Depot Corporate.

To make a long story as short as possible , Home Depot basically forced me to continue to use Morningside until the install was correct - even though I wanted Home Depot to handle the install at this point and didn't want anything to do with Morningside any more.
I was disappointed in Home Depots lack of ownership for the contractors they recommend.

To wrap this up , my experience with Morningside has been less that desireable - from Cheryl , to the technicians, to Management ( Keith ) .
I was sold the package by Steve Kenyan, ( who I was told is the owner )
I was impressed with him , which goes to his sales ability. I never heard from him the entire process.

Believe me when I tell you that this story is true.
Do yourself a favor and use a Home Reports contractor or someone who is recommended by a friend.
I for one , was unimpressed with Home Depot enough as well that if I do this type of contractor route again I will be looking at Lowes.

There are companies out there that care - find one - and don't give Morningside your money.
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Posted by mangomaiden on 2007-08-06:
If the events that transpired in this post are recent, then according to a rebuttal from a complaint lodged in November 2006 against this company at http://www.complaints.com/directory/2006/march/24/27.htm, Cheryl shouldn't even be working there.

Your first clue should have been that they were cheaper than the other quotes you were given. I'm guessing they're cutting their bottom line by not hiring maintaining a qualified and professional staff. I hope you get this sorted out!
Posted by poppapia on 2007-08-06:
You stated that you wanted Home Depot to correct the installation mistakes, but they wanted Morningside to correct them. Home Depot does not have their own installers, as they hire whomever then can find to do these jobs, including companies like Morningside. They probably had no one else to do the work, so they preferred a contractor who has an agreement with them. Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope your system is working now.
Posted by Alpharetta Home Owner on 2007-08-06:
these events transpired over a year ago -

I have been slow in posting - but it has never left my mind to remember to do it -

finally got around to it

I wish I would have read a review on Morningside before I used them , and hopefully I am helping someone in the future.

as far as the system working now - I guess I can say it is adequate - although I dont think it is as efficient as the one it replaced -

Ive kind of crossed my fingers and hoped for the best

thanks for the comments

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