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Review by caboy on 2007-08-09
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Baytech is very unethical and unprofesional about their web design.

They charge you cheaply upfront but later on you ended up
paying more because you needed this to change or having
technical problems.

The web design was not custom...more like a custom template!

Also Baytech will push to make you pay all the installments before
your website goes live!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-09:
You have a URL we can look at?
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-08-09:
That's pretty much how a lot of these little companies work. The basic web site is more or less a template that they personalize - when you start adding custom features, that when they really start charging. As far as wanting to be paid before going live - that's really the only leverage they have over you.
Posted by S on 2007-08-09:
With so many open-source options out there today, many webdev firms will use existing open-source solutions as a starting point for a project to save you money. Then the added cost comes into play when you want to deviate from that generic design. I think you will find this is quite common in many design firms. A fully custom site will cost a lot more.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-08-09:
Got that right sparticus. A ground up custom site takes days, sometimes weeks to develop, and good web designers aren't all that cheap. Add interfacing with databases and it's even more.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-09:
Slim, your speculating is pretty amusing.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-08-09:
Your trolling isn't
Posted by Lovepeople on 2008-07-17:
I love Baytech web design because my website brought me 58% sales increase. Baytech did a great job and their team is very professional and passionate.
Posted by D. on 2008-07-21:
I find it odd that THREE consumers (The three above) created an account with M3C...and the day they opened their account, they all found this review about Baytec which was posted last year and the last comment was posted almost a year ago...and All three of these consumers had a "Good Experience" with this company? It's just my opinion that I find this odd and it has to make me wonder if the last three people on here work for that company...since these ARE the only comments they posted.
Posted by D. on 2008-07-21:
Ok...looks like Admin was on it as well...two of those people have been deleted...but they left the first one (Lovepeople) up. My comment was not towards Slimjim or UrFriendlyPirate.
Posted by RomanoffHelen on 2010-08-13:
Hi Guys,
I was very surprised to see negative reviews about Baytech because I had a really great experience with them. I have a small business in Bay Area, so when I understood that I needed the website I chose Prosite as a hosting company. They made me a very nice site but.....it was a template site! As it occurred template sites are not SEO friendly, so my site did not pop up on the web according keywords I needed. I addressed this problem to Baytech; they did for me a really good custom site, which ranks pretty well now according keywords and geographical locations I need. At this moment, I am very happy with what Baytech did for me.
Posted by baghouse on 2011-05-06:
Our experience working with Baytech labs can be summed up as a major disappointment. Despite presenting us with a well defined outline of the project, and giving the appearance of having the skills needed to take on a project of this size, and complexity, they failed to provide anything close to what could be considered a acceptable service.

Our team had to from the very beginning "hold the hand" of Baytech thought the entire process. When it came to test and troubleshooting the site, OUR team performed these tasks with no help from Baytech, and at substantial time and resources provided this service throughout the entire project. Our team was constantly required to point out programming errors, typos, missing pages, poorly designed and "Cheap" looking artwork/layout features, etc. Additionally, our project was originally slated to last 4 months, (HELP ME ON THIS SAM) and ended up taking well over a year to be completed.

Despite the presence of a few real professionals, the Baytech team in general came off as being uninterested in our project, and made it apparent that they lacked the technical, and logistical skills needed to accomplish this project. Instead of building our site using standard, industry accepted technologies (such as wordpress) they build us an elaborate site, that require months of engineering, and in the end came out less functional than others made on a substantially smaller budget.

Additionally, when concerns were raised, Baytech attempted to shift blame, and failed to take responsibility for consuming a $100,000.00 budget, and producing a website that gathered at its peak, only 3 unique visitors a day. Nearly all the recorded traffic to the site was due to the marketing efforts of our team. From the creation of articles, and other content, to PR work such as Facebook, LinkedIn, press releases, links to other sites, etc. None of this was accomplished by the "efforts" Baytech team. The "SEO efforts" of the Baytech team, amounted to little more than setting Meta data on the home pages (meta data on all other 60 + or more pages was done by our team).

In all we have found our business with Baytech to have been a terrible experience. If we had known what we know now, we would never have signed on with Baytech labs.

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