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Review by techdoofus on 2007-08-10
DUMAS, ARKANSAS -- Southland Management Corp. out of Dumas, Arkansas, is one of many management companies fronting for private owners in the Rural Development funded housing projects. Should you be unfortunate enough to work for one of these companies, you soon start to understand slavery in America has not died, simply changed masters. SMC has done very well for the investor(s)in getting the most labor out of their hired managers at minimum cost.

Note that most of these companies pay at or below minimum wage, but SMC has turned this into an art and throw in a few "we give you a free apartment for the office hours", 8 hours a week based rate, a maintenance manager that expends more time stating what will not happen than getting the job done and the really lucky get to be call lazy and ignorant.

Best way to work well with others: play dumb, don't speak and for longevity with the company, toss a couple of packs of beer to the main office.
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Posted by S. on 2007-08-10:
So, don't work there. When did they fire you?
Posted by MRM on 2007-08-10:
A free apartment... Im sold!
Posted by abobo on 2007-08-10:
The moment minimum wage is mentioned, walk out the door and don't let it hit your keister on the way out. The job you'd have gotten won't be a pleasant one...
Posted by moneybags on 2007-08-10:
The Rural Developement program is through thr Farmers Home Administration - part of the Dept. of Agriculture. Many of these projects also have subsidized rent programs through HUD. They must prepare budgets and have them approved by the governmental agency. Write to the appropriate agency. FmHA has district offices as does HUD. File your complaints at the district level.
Posted by techdoofus on 2007-08-10:
Fired?! No, friend, employers like this one, do not fire anyone. Why continue to work for them, it allows me to expose the rot of bad management companies wasting your tax paying dollars mostly on the investors, upper managers and some cases the politicians comfortable living.

Free apartment: not after the company does not pay you for two to three months and you still have to pay for your phone, cable(if you choose to have it), internet and electric services. Especially, when you are given a budget under $40.00 to provide for all office and maintenance needs a month with the stipulation you must spend from your pocket and they may get around to reimbursing you.

Why do this, if the conditions are so horrible?
It is the rewarding feeling after you have cleaned, painted, and repaired a living space that will help someone who needs a place to call home move into comfortably. Remembering that at the end of the day, it is not about what the company does not provide, but how one can overcome the adversities and give a valuable service to both faceless managing company and nameless tenant/client/customer.
Posted by abobo on 2007-08-13:
If they're asking you to pay for stuff out of pocket just say you're totally tapped out. No blood from a stone right?

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