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Review by GYM OWNER on 2007-08-13
I have been in a billing dispute for years with this company because each month they would add more and more to my bill insisting it was past due. They recently adjusted my bill, saying that I did not owe thousands of dollars, it was actually only $500. Had I not persisted, they would have gotten much much more from me over the years. Their account resolution specialist sent me an e-mail in June instructing me to pay my usual premium until they had things sorted out, then in July my local rep told me to pay the additional $500 and at almost the same time, they decided to cancel my company's group plan for non-payment without notifying me. They are not demanding $411 more and want me to pay Sept. 1st bill now on August 13th. They are non-responsive to any questions I have, and won't tell me where or how they came up with this new amount of $411 they claim is past due. I have been advised to file complaints and take legal action for damages resulting in my staff and myself being left with no insurance etc. The company has not expressed any interest in helping me resolve this, only in accepting my payments. When I finally got someone to e-mail me a spreadsheet months ago of my payment history from a supervisor, it was actually hand written in pencil on an excel spreadsheet. I have never experienced any problems like this before with any health insurance company. If anyone has similar issues with this company please let me know.

I am gathering information right now to file complaints etc. I feel like I have been harassed by them for years and they have made me look like I don't pay my bills by sending past due notices to my staff. I followed all requests and then they suddenly just canceled my insurance without notification.
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Posted by GYM OWNER on 2007-08-13:
I wrote that very quickly, so there were some typos - but I guess the main points can still be understood.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-13:
You need to find some alternate coverage right away, please don't leave your employees without health insurance while you fight with this company. Not sure if you are withholding money from employee's paychecks to pay for this insurance, but that can cause problems for you quickly too.
Do you have an insurance broker who could help you with this, I take care of our employee benefits too and I can empathize with how quickly it can all get out of hand. Another alternative might be the attorney general or state board of insurance...good luck to you, it is awful to try and provide a benefit and have it go wrong that way.
Posted by GYM OWNER on 2007-08-13:
Thanks for writing back. I just paid whatever they wanted so my employees would not be without insurance. I have a broker shopping for another plan right now. We had to stay with this horrible company for a while because of a girl on workers comp with many claims that was causing our rate to go through the roof - after a couple of years we were just paying her insurance to be nice, not legally responsible anymore and our attorney has told us she should not be staying at home anymore and is fully able to come back to work but it taking advantage of us. I am just looking for others who are having problems with this particular health insurance company right now because my local broker told me they are doing the same thing to all their clients. If I find other people with the same issues I can hopefully file a class action law suit- if I find the time LOL. It just has not sat well with me that they keep coming up with new amounts that I owe and won't give me a breakdown of where they are getting the $ amount. They avoid answering anything & I cannot believe after we were told we paid everything required that they canceled our insurance a couple of weeks ago without even telling us! We had to find out when doctor bills started coming in as not being paid.

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