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Review by fallguy6 on 2007-08-15
MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I received my monthly credit card statement last week and noticed a $5.00 charge that I did not authorize from an online e-book company called: www.newonlinetrade.com with the following phone number: (706) 955-2001. I called this number and spoke to a foreign speaking female whom I had a very difficult time understanding, due to her heavy accent. She did not identify herself, however, I informed her that I had never purchased or heard of, for that matter, her online e-book company. Immediately after I stated this, she said she would credit my account for the $5.00 charge. My next question to her was: "Who authorized this transaction? What was the e-mail account used to send the e-book electronically? Do you have the e-mail ID? What steps does their company use to confirm the identity of a customer paying via credit card?” Her response was that the charge must have been an error and could not answer my other questions. She requested I send an e-mail to the following address: support@newonlinetrade.com. Of course, there have been no answers to my direct questions.

It is now in the hands of the Local PD and Federal authorities. However, it has been revealed that the owner of the site is using a third party web designer (remember the foreign speaking female), and they are the ones that run the operation. The Owner does not understand internet security and the website does not have a secure check out procedure/security software installed. However, they will happily take your credit card information! Buyer Beware! The Company is run out of an Apartment in Marietta GA and started business on Jan 15, 2007. I now have to clean up the mess they created.

For the owner: Making a profit seems to have over ridden the basic fundamentals of internet security practices not to mention, the items and content of what is being sold on the site! If you a going to sell on the internet you MUST protect your customers and if you don't know, find someone who does and pay them. It is not the third party company you are using now!
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Posted by AlexK on 2007-08-18:
I was also the victim of this company's scam (my charge was $15), my bank immediately refunded the charge back to me after I complained about this company. Contacting the company itself was useless - no response to either e-mail or phone calls (phone line seems to be constantly busy). It seems like this company has somehow obtained a credit card info/database about many people and randomly tries to charge these people a certain amount of money (from $5 to $15) in hopes that some people might ignore such charges.
Posted by fallguy6 on 2007-08-19:
Thanks AlexK for your comment. Yes, it seems they are a "front company" for devious operations. However, don't be quick to discount the owner...she cannot be oblivious to it all (at least that is what she is claiming to local authorities. I would like to divulge more but there is pending Federal charges. Do a www.whois.net to confirm owner information. Also, be sure to file a FBI report (www.ic3.gov). I was the first to do this for this company so the local PD was slow to do much. But as you know, there is strength in numbers/reports. Be sure to file the report as it is handed off to local Georgia authorities. Do not let it rest. It costs you nothing but a little time online.
Posted by fallguy6 on 2007-08-20:
Posted by fallguy6 on 2007-09-07:
Update (9-6-07): It seems that www.newonlinetrade.com has set up a fictitious website under some else’s name, address, and phone number. Check out: www.whois.org and run the company’s name in the search engine.

Newonlinetrade is a totally fraudulent operation/store front. They do not answer their phone. They do not return messages even from Local and Federal authorities. They are stealing credit card information and hacking into national databases. They then proceed to charge a minimal dollar amount to your account to see if the card is still active and valid. After a month, if you the credit card holder, are not aware of the minimal charge or do not itemize your credit card statement (which they are hoping you do not do), the next charge would be the big hit. Still cannot comment on specific legal action. Just wanted to apprise the Georgia residents they have major Internet credit card fraud going on in their state!

Check out the weekly security breaches if you have any doubt:

Posted by fallguy6 on 2007-09-07:
Posted by Eric S. on 2007-09-11:
Wow! Thanks for the info. I too was nailed by them $10.00. I new nothing about them or the web site. I called them (I got thru), and they said they would credit my account that was three months ago still no credit from them. But it was done through my credit card company so I am OK with that but not the rest. It is obvious they have access to credit cards. That should be enough to get the cops to engage. I was going to pay the owner a visit as she lives in the next state over from me, but now that I read others comments I am not certain. One thing I know is I will not let it rest as FallGuy has posted here.

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