kinkos Complaint - Incredible poor service by Kinkos still not serviced!!!

Review by Anonymous on 2002-11-08
NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Originally tried to order some very simple stationary. After five tries and two months time I finally requested to have a refund. My refund was denied!!!! I still have no stationary and I prepaid per their requirements. When you call, they just put you on eternal hold. Worst service ever! They say they have 24hr service, translation, 24hrs of bad service!
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Posted by Galactic25 on 2006-02-01:
Hey, Kinko's is bad at your part of the country too. Try going to a Kinkos in Illinois. It is the worst retail establishment scam I have ever seen. I deal with multiple people at different times. Some people will do things for free that others will literally make up their own prices to charge for simple things anywhere ranging from 10-25 dollars to convert a Microsoft Word file to a PDF. If you leave something to have them complete, they will not tell you that they charge you $11 to leave something; which you would think would be free to leave something. One guy said, oh well you have a Word file, we use PDF so we charge $10 to convert to PDF. He said "it doesn't matter who you are, we charge $10 to do that". I said I'll convert it to a PDF myself. I did that and the PDF was in the wrong format, so me coverting it to a PDF didn't mean anything. Then they said, oh, well we'll just use your Word file to print from. OK...and you were going to charge $10 for something that wasn't even neccessary? It's a total scam. Then I'm working with a guy and I go do something, I come back, and they tell me I have to come back in 24 hours. I was just working with the guy, and I have to come back in 24 hours? Kinko's is the biggest retail scam I have ever seen. Then they said, well, it's costing us time and money to work on your project, so we're going to start charging you every time your file is displayed on our screen. KINKO's FedEx should be out of business immediately!

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