Centennial Financial Complaint - Expecting A Loan Twice After Sending Money Never Received It

Review by drellki on 2007-08-16
LAKEVILLE, MINNESOTA -- Signed me and my husband up for a loan just to see if we would be approved, we were. [name removed] contacted me and said that I would have to put insurance down in order to get the loan (to insure the payments be made just in case something happened they would use the insurance money for the month) After signing the contract and western union the 930.00 Jim told me the money was being processed and would be wired into my account. The money was never received. Jim said I needed to put down brokers fee that he tried to waive but was not approved, so I put the 600.00 down (which was not even in the contract) because we needed money then and refunding the money would take weeks (even though I'd just western union the money to them in minutes) Jim again told me that the money was being processed and would be in my account, still not there. In the meantime my husband had been conversing with Mark about his loan and he would have to also send insurance money for his loan. (Between me and my husband I would get my loan first then put money down on his after I received my money). But that never happened because when I called to see why the funds were not in my account they said that my husband needed to send his money and then they would wire the money. That was not in the contract I sent my share of the money I was entitled to my Loan.

We sent bill money and our rent money thinking we would get a loan, because they did not live up to their contract we are farther behind on our bills and may be facing eviction. We are entilted to a refund plus the loan that was expected
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Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-08-16:
Sounds like you got scammed. Don't send anymore money and contact the police.
Posted by Timboss on 2007-08-16:
Sorry you got caught in this scam. There is no loan - you will never get anything from them. Any upfront money deal is probably a scam. I know you need money but do not send any more to these crooks. You are probably trying to borrow $5,000 and now you've already paid them over $1,500. Try to work with your bank or credit union, some place you can actually walk into and talk to a live person, not just a voice on the phone.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-08-16:
PG is right - Google "Advanced Fee Loan Scams". I'm afraid you have been had - NO legitimate lender ever charges fees in advance.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-16:
You were scammed, just as the others noted. As PG says, contact the police.
Posted by moneybags on 2007-08-16:
Contact FBI for wire fraud and/or mail fraud.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-16:
The sad truth is that they will never see their money again.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-16:
Their web site has been shut down. The FBI or somebody else has gotten to them. Advance loan fee scams are everywhere right now, be aware.

You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


Apache/1.3.33 Server at AppStuff Port 80
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-16:
Tales like this always get me down. To a lot of us 1500 dollars is a weekend get away or a conspicuous consumption binge.. but there is desperation and those who would feed on it... It's hard to word anything without being insulting. I hope there's a special place in hell for rats who feed on despair. drellki, Sorry about your loss. I wish you all the best.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-16:
Again, I'm in Stew's corner.
Posted by abobo on 2007-08-16:
Well said, Stew.
Posted by Timboss on 2007-08-16:
Talk to your creditors - they would rather receive a lesser monthly payment and have you keep paying rather than forcing you into bankruptcy.
Posted by tonia5 on 2007-08-19:
I am so glad i read this before i was about to send the money. Boy now i think about i would have been sorry with this same scamming company
Posted by nala on 2008-07-04:
I really hate to tell you this but you were scammed and they stole your money in which you probably won't get back and why I know this it has happened to me twice and I am here to tell you that you can make their lives miserable and I can and will tell you how if you are interested. You can contact me directly through my email address and it don't cost you a dime. Since it has happened to me I have found out that it is against the law to ask for upfront money of any kind for any kind of loan.
Posted by jcollins on 2009-08-04:
this company is great ive recieved my loan theyre definately not a scam i got approved for my loan a few days ago and got funded for my $10,000 yesterday id like to thank the folks at centennial financial group for there great assisstance and help
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-08-04:
Defaming a reputable company? You obviously work for them, conducting an illegal business. You should be ashamed, stealing people's money like that. You are the one that should be prosecuted.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-08-04:
hmm sounds like the company got mad about the complaints.
i clicked on the review from the main community page but the giant shout is already gone.

.... if that was an employee... it wasn't appropriate behavior
especially if he/she/it wants someone prosecuted for complaining about the company

though ... im more amused than anything else
Posted by Pepper on 2009-08-05:
you know i think you're right... i think they were shut down.

i found them mentioned here

the link provided to the company is www.mindspring.com/~donhallcfg/

what self-respecting company has a mindspring username and not a dot-com?
and the link isn't working either.

but hey the page does list the company's address... so maybe you can use that to get some help?
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-05:
Nice work, Pepper!
Posted by Pepper on 2009-08-05:

google ftw

and from what i see the address is the same for the company... same as what the other sites list

company information found at http://www.manta.com/coms2/dnbcompany_fp34m8

4920 Marlos Dr Ne
Marietta, GA 30066
Phone: (770) 813-9919

i hope that helps.
they sound shady in my opinion ... no company should be that hard to find online if they supposedly have a serious web presence
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-05:
No, I'm with you...scam!
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-08-05:
It is an advance fee loan scam. That URL says a lot, no professional website would have a tilde in it. VH PepperElf.
Posted by Ripped Off badily on 2009-08-06:
Don't feel alone they got me to :(

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