Charlie's Dodge Maumee Complaint - Very Poor Customer Service

Review by Ann2007 on 2007-08-17
MAUMEE, OHIO -- Last week My husband & I experienced EXTREMELY poor customer service by management and owners on 3 occasions pertaining to 2 issues. My husband & I have been doing business at Charlies Dodge for the better part of 4 years. My husband, Jeff has had his Dodge truck serviced there had they have looked at the problems concerning the problems w/his vehicle. I have purchased "Dodge" items for my husband there as well. Jeff had even been over to the lot to look at purchasing a new truck and having a dump bed installed from there as well. We have always been loyal and courteous customers. And that's why this is so disturbing. A couple of days ago, Jeff was taking his truck in for another reoccurring problem. He dropped his truck off Thursday afternoon, I believe, and later was doing paperwork & deposit for the bank when he remembered he had left $130.00 of customer payments in his truck. He immediately called Charlies Dodge to let them know he was coming right away because it was close to closing. The service dept told him he could not come now as it was almost 5:30 and they were closing. Jeff told the employee the reason he needed to come(that $ was in the truck) but they still insisted, no, they were going to be closing. Jeff told them then they should pull the truck inside, please. They said they would.

First thing Friday morning Jeff was there to pick up the $ and it was GONE! He talked with a supervisor(The son of the owner)who was very rude to him! Instead of showing even a tiny bit of concern he instead blamed Jeff and accused him of losing $ or worse-not even having the money in the first place! He said there were cameras. Not when they were test driving the truck Jeff told him. Sometime later the owner called Jeff. He was even more rude than his son!!! He would not listen to Jeff trying to explain, cut him off whenever Jeff tried to talk. He even hung up on Jeff twice! He also said there was nothing wrong with the truck either.

I was so astonished at Charlies Dodges' customer service and behavior I went w/ Jeff to pick up his truck. At that time I asked to speak with the owner or his son. I got the son. I let him politely know that I didn't appreciate his attitude and lack of concern and that we had been customers of his for years. I told him if I treated my clients that way I wouldn't have any. His attitude only got worse! He accused us of losing the $ or worse, lying about it even being there and more or less said Jeff was imagining the truck problems. Unbelievable!

Finally I told him I wanted him to do something to make things right and wanted an apology for their poor customer service and rudeness. He said he was sorry we felt that way(in a sarcastic tone) I asked him then that he would rather lose loyal customers than to make things right? He said finally(same tone), "Well, I'll take care of the $100.00 deductible, if you never come back here." "You are not welcome here!" Jeff and I were both appalled. A few days later we received a disturbing call from the service manager at around 10:00 at night! He insisted we were hurting his "reputation" by filing this complaint. Jeff insisted that he had been happy with his service in the past, but not with the owners'. It wasn't against him. But that didn't matter to him. He ranted and raved, swearing, for almost 1/2 hour. Again, not letting us get a word in. This has been the worst experience we have ever had with an establishment.

I have filed a complaint with Dodge Customer Service and with the BBB. If you ever have a complaint against Charlies Dodge...please speak up. I think it is just appalling that they would treat longterm customers the way they did. It would seem they have great customer service...until you try and to make a complaint. They money is important, but not as important as the unethical & unprofessional way we feel we were treated.
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Posted by firengine103 on 2007-08-17:
They are a Dodge franchise, you are right in taking it to Dodge customer relation and the BBB. Dodge and the Chrysler corporation needs all the business they can get. Good Luck
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-17:
There is probably a sign near the couunter and probably small print on the work order that will state something to the effect of "not responsible for lost or stolen items left in vehicle." He probably shouldn't have had them move it inside, then he could have gone to get it after they closed (assuming there isn't a security fence around the area). He also probably shouldn't have told them it was money that was left in there, just an item he needed to retreive.
Posted by Ann2007 on 2007-08-17:
Thank you firengine103 and Robt for your feedback! Firengine103, thanks for you're info and support.I really appreciate hearing from you. And Robf, you are right! My husband probably shouldn't have mentioned the cash, but he trusted them. Also, there may be a sign near the counter, I'm not sure, but if so you think the dealership could have politely pointed that out. There was just absolutely no concern on the part of the dealership at all. Thanks again, both of you for your comments.
Posted by jackbelias on 2008-01-07:
I emailed you about about these people a few minutes ago. While your story is disturbing it is nothing compared with what the Fort Pierce FL sister store does. Your husband is not to blame for leaving cash in the vehicle, the service department could have given it to the sales tower or receptionist if they felt so strongly about closing. I am not surprised to hear they took it instead of being honest.
Posted by jackbelias on 2008-01-08:
Does your local Charlies Dodge store have an F rating with the BBB too? That whole family is a huge problem, their method of doing business makes most people want to vomit. The trouble is nobody finds out how dishonest they are until its too late. Employees are treated like cockroaches, and customers are ripped off. A few tips for doing business with them:

They often like to hold weekend sales where the prices supposedly come down. Knowing how to read the sticker can help customers on the used car lot. A small red sticker can be found on the windshields, the bottom number actually contains the asking price. Ignore the first and last 2 numbers, the asking price is revealed. Example: 5521976, the asking price is 21900.00. Compare this to sales tags to find that sale prices can be higher than asking prices.

Some new models are prediscounted by the factory thus there is no room to move, but when there is room to move the Charlies Dodge way is to peel the asking price back then rape you in the back of the sale via the finance office. Most people assume a good asking price means a good deal, they let their guard down when signing the paperwork.

This doesnt help your situation but I would hope it might help someone else trip them up a bit.

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