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Review by motheroldasdirt on 2007-08-17
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I was hit over two months ago, rear ended at a red light. The man who hit me never talked with his insurance agent at MetLife. They told me if they couldn't talk with him, they would deny my claim. They said they tried calling him, writing him etc. After almost two months I found him myself on MySpace and told him to call please! He practically laughed at me, the man who hit me.

I did tell MetLife and they finally after that length in time called a investigator out to his home. He admitted to hitting me. NOW MetLife still hasn't paid, going now on three months. They say in law we should be able to get damages done to our cars etc. Well I am still waiting.
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Posted by GothicSmurf on 2007-08-19:
Sometimes these things take time. It sucks that you have to wait that long, but if the other person isn't willing to participate (at fault or not) it takes much longer to get things done. It's not Met's fault the guy wasn't returning their calls.
Posted by motheroldasdirt on 2007-08-20:
I agree with you GothicSmurf as fas as the other person not willing. Although it shouldn't be my job to find him, if he's not answering the phone or letters. He is Met Life client. It is their responsibility to get it cleared up. If not, people could just hit people and never report it and the innocent would have to pay for their medical and auto damages, even if they couldn't afford it. To me this is like a hit and run. Met life should find their client quickly, they have investigators to do that job. Its part of insurance and what we all pay for.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-08-20:
Was this accident reported to the police?
Posted by motheroldasdirt on 2007-08-20:
No and that was our biggest mistake. No one seem to be hurt, and we shared all the information. We didn't think we needed a police report. So that's why it took so long. My car was actually the one first stopped at the red..there was another girl behind me, she was shoved into my car. She did end up feeling pain after the accident. Next time and always make a police report.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-08-21:
live and learn, sorry
Posted by motheroldasdirt on 2007-08-22:
Thank all of you for your comments! It was a tough time waiting and dealing with this accident. I have learned so many things from it. Mainly to always make a police report. I must say now I have been paid the check for my car repairs and I am now waiting for the check from missed time from work. So it did have a happy ending, but it was very difficult waiting and wondering. Thank you GothicSmurf and also jktshff1 , I appreicate what you shared.

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