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Review by bruce1 on 2007-08-18
MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I purchased a new home from Nesbitt Lord in Marietta Georgia on 7/6/07. Within the first month of my purchase they lowered their other houses right next door,$75,000. Then on top of that..the "subs" that constructed my house will not do the first year warranty work on the numerous issues as Nesbitt Lord has NOT PAID them. I have been told this by the "subs" I have called to do the "punch" list and other issues on the home.

I caution anyone interested in buying a Nesbitt Lord home to contact me FIRST...Now I am stuck..not only cant I sell my home for what I paid for it,,,who would want it with the issues left unresolved. I think there needs to be legislation to prevent what happened to me from happening to any other unsuspecting buyer.
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Posted by firengine103 on 2007-08-18:
Hi Bruce, you can't do much about the price reduction. This is happening a lot as builders who over estimated the market and are now holding a large inventory reduce the price to move them. I'm sure you know this. It's bad for you and all other home owners in your area, but he can do it. As far as warranty items, you have the right to an arbitrator but I caution you that this builder may try to delay any action until the 1 year is up. Most important, keep a log of everything both written and said along with other homeowners complaints. You can win this but it may take awhile. Good Luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-18:
I work for a small construction company that does 'sub' work for general contractors. We don't do residential. But there are a few GCs that have a problem when it comes to paying for work done. As a matter of policy and in our contracts we do not make any warranty work or follow ups unless we have been paid. There are a couple of GCs that we never take work from because it can take them up to 4 months to get paid. Your beef is with Nesbitt Lord, not the subs. Maybe you need a lawyer to send them a letter demanding the punch list work be done in a reasonable time or they will face court action.
Posted by spring07 on 2007-08-20:
I worked for Nesbitt Lord and can tell you that even arbitration will not work. They run their own Warranty program. You can report them to the Atlanta Homebuilders Association because they are using their material as their warranty guidelines and usually have to renew with them to continue using their program.

Additionally, you can go the legal route, but they may have pending lawsuits against them since they have not paid majority of their subs.

The homeowners in Fulton County are in the same predicament as you are, and I would recommend maybe, combining your efforts with theirs.

Good luck.

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