Ryan's Steakhouse Informative - Verbal Assault

Review by dburge on 2007-08-19
CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA -- On 8/10/07 my family and I went to Ryan's Steakhouse in Cartersville, Ga. My daughter had arrived first and one of the employee's of the facility began to cuss at her over a yield sign the employee had failed to see on her way to work. I arrived and she began cussing at me with my three Grand Children with me. I spoke to the manager about the situation and got the impression he was more concerned with taking my money instead of handling his employee. I have spent a lot of money eating out at Ryan's in the past and since this happened I will not go back if this is how patrons are to be treated. I also sent a complaint to Ryan's Corporate and have heard nothing from them as of this article.

I do not recommend this Ryan's to eat at they obviously do not care about their customers.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-19:
Ryan's has a 'yield sign' in their establishment? If this was an issue with an employee, why was your daughter cussed at?

I think we are not getting the whole story here.

Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-08-19:
yea, missing quite a bit
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-19:
OK,but how are the steaks?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-19:
Steve, dahling, I'm sure they are not as good as Steak-Out!! LMAO

Posted by heaven17 on 2007-08-20:
Have someone who makes sense rewrite this please.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-20:
Well I say FUNK Ryan's. dburge sounds like you were more than fair. I know if it was me there would have probably been some gun play and white chalk lines. Anyway, you did the right thing. Excellent review. I voted this 'Very Helpful'.

heaven17 -- Don't you think that was a bit uncalled for? Maybe, you 'd feel better if you offer up an apologize to dburge.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-08-20:
You're saying this all started because an employee there recognized your daughter from an incident while driving at a previous time? I have to agree with everyone else. This story is so fragmented, it makes no sense at all.
Posted by heaven17 on 2007-08-20:
Sure, Stew. I vote you 'very helpful'!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-08-20:
heaven, didya get the burrito?
Posted by heaven17 on 2007-08-20:
jktshff1, I have no idea what you're talking about.
So...yes. Yes, I did.
Posted by dburge on 2007-08-20:
I will try to defragment for everyone. The whole story is my daughter was meeting my wife and I for supper at Ryan's. While on the way to Ryan's she drove down a street to get to Ryan's Tennessee St. My daughter came from a direction that has no yield sign. The woman who definitely works for Ryan's came from the opposite direction on a motorcycle. The direction the woman came from has the yield sign. My daughter was clear to go so she turned. The woman then followed my daughter to Ryan's and came up to her window in the parking lot and asked where the F&#% did you get your driver lic. My daughter explained what the situation was that she had no yield sign the woman said she knows she had the yield sign which meant my daughter was supposed to stop for her. The yield sign was for the woman on the motorcycle not from the direction my daughter came from. The woman said that she knew the yield sign was on her side and said it meant my daughter should yield for her. I don't know where you come from but every where I have ever been if I have the yield sign it means for me to yield and or stop not the other person who has nothing. When I arrived she was not in control of her emmotions. This may seem minor to some but I had three young children there and didn't appreciate the Language nor did other patrons coming in. So if this makes you smile and you see humor in it maybe know things are slightly more clarified for you all.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-08-21:
Thank you for your explanation.
You should explain to your daughter...never, never, speak with someone in that condition (mad, upset)..drive to a safe place and call the police. You never know.
Better yet, get her something to protect herself, pepper spray or send her through a class to get her carry permit.
average response time:
Police: 4 min - 45 min (police are reactive, take information, prepare report, investigate crime, comfort victim)
Self: response time Immediate..Proactive call police to report an attempted crime.
All that being said, Ryan's is really not responsible in any way for this.
Posted by dburge on 2007-08-21:
Actually I received a call from Ryan's Corp and the manager from the local Ryan's. They appologized for the employee and informed me she had the same attitude with the manager and they let her go not allowing her to come on their property in the future. I also found out they had complaints from other patrons after me. Hopefully there is a lesson learned from this.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-08-21:
Thanks for the update....keep in mind the only immediate protection you and your family have are yourselves.
Posted by couldbeyou on 2008-07-18:
A sweet southern belle, she is huh?

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