Huntington Housing Authority Complaint - Housing abuse, Discrimination, false claims in contracts

Review by Tonbons1970 on 2007-08-20
HUNTINGTON STATION, NEW YORK -- When I got on section 8, I was moved into an apartment I lived there for about 1-2years, I had to move because the ceiling fell in the bathroom, The inspector told me there was another apartment available to move in, I accepted not knowing there was cover ups, lies and deceptions going on. I moved in and wondered why a door led upstairs to my neighbors apartment, I could go in and out of her apartment freely,when I asked the inspector about it, he said he would check into it, nothing was accomplished. Months later the security guard started riding by almost everyday, he finally stopped asked how many families lived there I told him two and he told me that was illegal because it was a one family unit, I asked shouldn't section 8 have known, he said yes, he gave me his card with his phone number on it, every time I tried to get in contact with him I had no luck, so now I was upset and felt like I was in the middle of a section 8 scandal, I wanted nothing to do with them but I needed them.

I started working and as much as I wanted to report my income to them, I didn't because I felt like they abused, me in a way I ran from them, now that I have moved out of the illegal housing 2 1/2 years ago and I am finally legalized they had me arrested and charged with grand larceny and false information, possible loss of my job and termination of section 8 and they are still in the clear of the corruption that went on for 8 years if not more. I was a victim of the HUD program for 8 years paying the landlord the difference I feel like I was inflicted with abuse, suffering, and conflict.

I thought the program was designed to help low income people. This crime affected me because instead of the funds being used to prove conditions I felt like the section 8 housing did damage to me for there own personal gains, they hit me with a legal matter on top of an illegal matter. I do not know who to turn to on this matter and lawyers want money upfront which I don't have. They never notified me in writing to see if the problem could be rectified. I was told everything has to be in writing first, which did not happen I was taking in for questioning without my rights being read.

I was disgusted with section 8, what I did was wrong, but I am not the only one at fault, I owe section 8 but they owe something too. I could possibly lose my job, I got fingerprinted and my picture taken with a felony behind my name and the get away with free money and deceiving the low income people instead of helping them, I don't get nothing back. I feel that this is injustice. Now I am off to court with no lawyer facing criminal charges, and their charges go unclaimed because they all stick together in cover-ups, scams, and deception of the government agency.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-08-20:
At least you take responsibility. gotta give you credit for that.
Posted by moneybags on 2007-08-20:
Write to HUD in Washington, D.C. Explain everything to them. Ask for an investigation. Also, contact the FBI. Yes, you are in lots of hot water and theft of federal rent funds is a crime, which you committed by not reporting your increased income. Afterall, Sec. 8 is a subsidy by the government (our tax dollars!) based on income and family size. Try to work WITH the federal prosecuters. If this was an illegal unit that the Housing Board was renting out, they too are up for federal investigation. Section 8 was originally established to assist tenants for 2-5 years, not generation after generation after generation. It's the abusers that ruined the program by fraud, deception, theft, drugs, threats to management, gangs and lack of cleanliness/care. That lack of care has taken these apartment projects to a point where they must be torn down. Step up and take what you have coming and quit whining. You committed a crime.

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