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Review by 40692 on 2007-08-21
Travel by automobiles on your vacation is definitely making a comeback.

AAA reported record numbers of Americans have chosen to take their cars, despite the raising gasoline prices.

I have been driving to my vacation destinations since 2000.

Here are some tips that will help you with your next road trip.

1.Bring a cooler – Pack drinks, snacks, and sandwiches.

2.Bring blankets/Pillows – For longer road-trips. This allows the passengers to sleep more comfortably.

3.Bring reading materials – it help pass the time.

4.Bring video games/portable DVD player – These will keep the little guys distracted.

e.g. We got the new slim PS2 (size of hardcover book) with all his video games and Disney movies.

5.Bring emergency kits – flashlight, flares, jumper cable, etc. You can get them at local auto parts store.

6.Bring cell phones – Keep the teens busy and helpful in case of emergency.

7.Roadside assistance – Make sure you have AAA and/or Roadside assistance via insurance or new car.

8.Mix tapes and/or CD – Unless you have satellite radio and/or IPOD, it is a must driving thru rural area.

9.Join AAA – it is a good idea, you get discount rates for many hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

10.Stop frequently –All states have a welcome center. This is where you will find ideas about local attractions. You will also find coupon books for local restaurants and/or hotels.

11.Keep it 60MPH or less – Most interstates are 65/70MPH. You will save gas and avoid hefty out-of-state speeding ticket.

12.Get a GPS unit – they are cheap enough for the general masses and most contain details maps of continent of United States (some Canada and/or Mexico). Most also have directions for gas station, restaurants and hotels. It is very useful if you are in an unfamiliar area.

13.Bring a paper map as backup.

Here are couples of safety tips.

1.Follow the crowd – park your car in well-lit and populated area.

2.Some rest areas have over-night security. It is a good idea to stop there after dusk.

3.Avoid road-side food/liquid. You can never tell if they are properly prepared and/or cooked.

4.Have a cell phone. In case you need to call for help.

That’s my 3 cents….
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Posted by MRM on 2007-08-21:
Very good tips, HappyJoyBear. One thing I would like to add to your list is to bring some tools (screwdriver, wrench, funnel, etc) for repairs on the vehicle.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-21:
My husband and frequently take road trips. Because it's mostly just the 2 of us, we don't need some of the items in your list, but I can see how a family traveling would find them useful.

One tip about the coupon books for hotels - sometimes you'll actually pay more by using the coupon. Found this out by asking the hotel mgr first, one time.

Besides GPS (which we sometimes use, sometimes not), ALWAYS have a paper map available for backup, too!

Great addition (the tools), MRM!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-21:
MRM - good idea. if you feel comfortable in doing some small repair jobs.

EMT_C - I am surprise, we always have good lucks with these coupons books. We also use our AAA and sometimes get double savings.

EMC_C - Yes, I always print a paper literary from one of the online map site. Just in case GPS crap out.

We travel from Maine to Florida on trips. Really did not like carry that large US Atlas around.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-21:
Some of the best travel experiences I've had was when I took the old US routes and state highways instead of the Interstates. Explore small town America. You'll find unique shopping,restaurants and people. It's nice to slow down and smell the roses so to speak. Just BE SURE YOU OBEY ALL TRAFFIC RULES in small town America cause you are revenue to them.

Good tips HappyJoyBear. You seem like a very seasoned traveler. Very Helpful.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-21:
Anyone else have the song 'Holiday Road' stuck in their head now? (National Lampoon's Vacation)

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-21:
Holiday roooooohooohooohoohoohooooad.
Ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf
Thanks EMT,I do now...LOL
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-21:
Sail away, sail away, sail away...
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-21:
Watch out in Paris Idaho. Your wizzing along at 65+, the next sign you pass is 25mph. They have a radar gun about 10 feet right behind the sign. Yeah they got me.
Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-08-21:
Lots of good tips except 60 mph? Naw, 80 mph is the speed I was going when I went to Boise. And it took 15 hours. At 60 mph, I'd need an extra 5 hours.

Besides, driving 60 mph on the interstate is un-American.
Posted by Timboss on 2007-08-21:
I guess 25 mph means 25 mph in Paris, Idaho... sure sounds like a speedtrap (is that one word)?

Another way to save, sometimes, on hotels is stop at the State run tourist office as you enter a State. They have all kinds of coupons for discounts in addition to tons of information.

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