Rainbow Suzuki Imports Complaint - Denied Promises after Purchase

Review by Derek Gros on 2007-08-24
COVINGTON, LOUISIANA -- On August 11, 2007 my wife Stacy and I went to the Rainbow Suzuki Imports dealership to buy a car. The car we purchased on that day was a 2006 Mercedes C230 with 26,400 miles. Our salesman’s name was David. Our dispute with the dealership is as follows.
When my wife and I decided to make the decision on this vehicle, there were a few problems that needed to be fixed with the car in order for us to agree to purchase it. The car had two bad right side tires with chunks taken out of the sidewall, which made it unsafe to drive. When we were outside looking at the car with David, he agreed if we buy the car he would replace the two bad tires with the same Michelin Pilot Primacy tires it had on it. David even crouched down next to the tire to get all the information off of it. At this time we agreed on the deal. The tires came in on August 20th. When my wife picked the car up they put two Pirelli tires on it. Not what we agreed to have installed. Now the dealership refuses to put the correct tires on the vehicle, so now we have a missed matched set on the car. This is a (BAIT & SWITCH PROCEDURE)!

I want the two Pirelli tires replaced with two new Michelin Pilot Primacy XSE, 225/45/R17 (W) Speed rating tires, as guaranteed by the salesman. This is what was on the vehicle at the time of purchase.

I would appreciate help with this matter to get this resolved with the dealership.

Thanks, Derek
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Posted by trumania on 2007-08-24:
Could you have denied taking the car? Usually most dealerships let you bring the car back within 3 days if you have buyers remorse. You could have said that and returned the car and gone elsewhere.
Posted by trumania on 2007-08-24:
I see nevermind, you drove off the lot without the features you were supposed to get. You shouldn't take the car until it has every to your standards.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-08-24:
If your contract states Michelin tires you can always take them to small claims court for the value of the tires. If it's not in writing and you are relying on the salesman's word, then enjoy your new Pirelli tires.

As far as a three day right of return, Carmax is about the only dealership I know that offers that type of deal and I think you still have to swap the car for another one of theirs - no cash refund as I recall.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-08-24:
You gotta get specifics in writing
Posted by Aerocave on 2007-08-25:
This one is simple. You should never have taken delivery of the car if the Michelin tires was part of the agreement. If they refused to change as you said they did, you should have left. If you only acknowledged the mis-matched tires after taking delivery, good luck. I have to say, I would have a hard time buying a late model Mercedes at a Suzuki dealership

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