MyWorldPlus Compliment - I've saved over $500 in just two weeks with MyWorldPlus

Review by witnessofjesus on 2007-08-26
MyWorldPlus is an awesome discount savings membership program that I recommend to anyone who wishes to save money each month on such things as food, lodging, and online shopping.

I highly recommend the service to all.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-08-26:
I checked their Terms and Conditions. It looks like a pay to join ($50) and monthly fee ($19.95) sales pyramid scheme. It seems to depend on you signing up others. Also a VERY tight (3 day) cancellation policy.
Posted by witnessofjesus on 2007-08-26:
Yes, it is a great organization, and yes, it is a subscription-based membership where you pay 19.95 per month for access to the coupons and discounts from which your savings come.

The 3-day cancellation policy is standard for most transactions, even most car dealerships only offer you three-days to return your vehicle without penalty. Yes, it is a MLM business, but the savings are real regardless if you ever 'sell' anything to anyone or not. I joined three weeks ago to participate in both the business aspect and the membership, and I'm pleased with both aspects thus far. It is a both a solid discount savings program and a great home-based business for those interested in such.

Additionally, unlike most other home-based businesses, there is no overhead, no inventory one has to keep, and there are no contracts, you can cancel anytime without further obligations.

If you're not interested, then that's great. I enjoy the savings, and the business aspect and will continue to recommned it to all, irregardless if they sign up under me or not.

Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-08-27:
witness, You are too new to the game to understand how that type of marketing works. I have serious doubts that you have actually saved $500. Can you provide verifiable proof of these savings? Post scanned invoices on your blog?

The only people that really make any money are those collecting the $50.00 & $19.95.

Give it some time. You will come to the realization that that guy on my3cents was right after all.
Posted by witnessofjesus on 2007-08-28:
Yes, I have the invoice from the Lodge we stayed at where I paid only Half-price for my night, which was a savings of $134 dollars for my family and I. I also have received numerous Pizzas for free and donuts and all kinds of good stuff because of this MyWorldPlus. The $50.00 goes to pay the commission of the one with whom you sign up under, I got my first MyWorldPlus check in the mail today because my mother signed up and I got paid for it, and now she's saving money by using the coupons, the online cash-back mall you get with over 600 stores in it such as GAP, Eddie Bauer, PetSmart, etc..., and the grocery coupons to boot.

I'm afraid, my friend, that you're wrong on this one.

For an audio introduction to MyWorldPlus, which doesn't contain a link to any associate's site, because they're not allowed here, else I would post my own...copy and paste this link into your browser and then listen to the recorded call that tells you all about the product and what's involved with MyWorldPlus. It is for real, the check I have proves it.

This is a recording of a Saturday LIVE call. Also, if you're still doubtful, you can dail in Monday-Thursday at 9 p.m. by dialing at 6:00 pm pst/ 9:00 pm est
pin: 564837#

No associate sites are revealed in these, and you can listen it if you're doubtful.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-08-28:
$268 for 1 night? No wonder they could give yo 50% off. They were way overpriced to begin with. Free pizza and donuts? Nothing in this world is free. Somewhere along the way in one way or another you did or will pay for it. I still feel that eventually you will see you have been the victim of a marketing scheme.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-11-18:
tn, some people have to get bit before they believe that a dog will bite.

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