Carmine's On Rush Street Complaint - Bad Bad Everything At Carmine's

Review by treetop1 on 2007-08-27
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I am not much of a complainer and honestly this is the first time I have ever taken time out of my day to write a complaint about a restaurant. Usually when I have a bad experience at a restaurant I just never go back and take my business elsewhere but since it’s about Carmine’s on Rush Street, I feel the need to write this complaint.

On Saturday, August 25, 2007 my boyfriend and I had lunch at Carmine’s. We chose to sit at the bar because it was more laid back. My boyfriend wanted a steak, so he ordered the strip steak I had the spaghetti. We were the only two people sitting at the bar so you would think the bartender would have really paid a lot of attention to us because it would have been an easy tip for him. No, that was not the case, he treated us like we were a nuisance.

So as we sat there feeling like two nuisances and trying to over come that feeling, the next thing we know we are doused from behind with soda pop? The waiter, who doused us, laughed it off and said to me, oh don’t worry its diet soda? I had to ask for several napkins to dry off. Then the bartender got very stern with my boyfriend and tried to blame it on him and asked him in a very stern voice, “what did you do now”? I had to tell him it was the waiter who doused us with the diet soda, it was all over the place, it even hit the ceiling right above us and my boyfriend had to clean it off so that it wouldn’t drip on me? There were no apologies, nothing, not even a free diet soda?

Then the food came, the spaghetti was ok nothing to write home about but the steak, wow, the steak was rancid! Yes, RANCID! I tasted it, and couldn’t believe it!! We told the bartender and he once again tried to blame it on my boyfriend. I told him, “look, meat gets rancid and it happens.” I thought that at least the manager would have personally apologized to us or at least buy us a drink or something? Nope, nothing!

Then as we were getting ready to leave, a waitress came behind us and was swearing, throwing plates and slamming things down on the counter? She must have been really having a bad day! Maybe you’re thinking we shouldn’t have sat at the bar? I wish we didn’t, actually I wish we would of went to Billy Goat’s on lower Wacker, we would have received better service and they wouldn’t of served us rancid meat. At least when their meat goes bad they throw it away. They don’t dress it up “Italiano” and have the nerve to serve it to people!

I will never return to Carmine’s again, further, I will tell everyone I know what a crummy place you run also, that you serve old rancid meat! And believe me, I know a lot of people! Shame on you and I hope that the health department shuts you down and replaces you with a Billy Goat!
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2007-08-27
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-27:
"Billy Goat’s on lower Wacker"
Im sorry,but this had me rolling...

Sorry to hear about the cruddy service you recieved.Rancid meat?Id be pissed.
Posted by shawnp80 on 2007-08-27:
Steve, that made me laugh too. Is that slang for masturbation. Im gonna go give myself a "lower wacker".
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-27:
Sorry about the awful dining experience. Two places where I never sit at restaurants.....At the bar or next to the kitchen. Too much traffic.

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