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Review by Anonymous on 2003-01-09
I am writing this letter to you in regards of the service I received while dining in your restaurant and attending a show in your restaurant on December 21, 2002.
Earlier during the day, I made dinner reservations at your restaurant and purchased tickets to watch Phoenix, a good friend of mine perform. Upon entering your restaurant, I was seated in a table away from the stage. Since the restaurant was empty, my friend and I moved to closer seats so that we could get a better view of the band. Your manager, Clyde Banfield then came by and told us that these 4 seats were reserved and moved us back to our previous seats. He promised to come and move us to better seats closer to show time if the restaurant remained empty.
After we finished our dinner and drinks, the show began, but nobody came to move us. The restaurant remained 75% empty and we were unhappy with our seats so we moved to some unoccupied seats. After moving for the second time to empty seats, the trouble began. Security came, along with another employee of yours to get us back to our original seats. Your employees rudely stated that we were not allowed to move and were directed back to the original seats. I explained that the manager said he would move us but never came by so we moved to some empty seats upfront. He then stated that since the manager had not come by, we were to not move. As he proceeded to move me and the chairs from that area, I explained that he was being very rude to us and that we had spent a lot on money on dinner and drinks here. He then angrily pointed me back to my seat and threatened to kick me out if I were to say anything else or move again. From that moment on, I was to stay in my seat, or I would be kicked out.
During the whole duration of the show, people were moving seats everywhere. The 4 seats that we were told were reserved were given to a random couple consisting of only 2 people and again, we were to remain seated in our original unsatisfactory seats even though the restaurant still remained 2/3 empty. As soon as my friend and I got up to leave, others came and sat in our seats. When I went to speak to your manager regarding this incident, he said that it was fine for others to move and it was perfectly okay for them to move into our seats. But when we moved, we were treated terribly and threatened to be removed from your restaurant. During the conversation, he repeatedly began to blame us for deliberately changing seats to cause trouble. He also told us that if we didn’t want to come back, that would be fine too. He stated, “If you don’t want to come back, that would be fine too. You won’t be missed. Believe me, we’ll be ok here, we’ve been around for 20 years.” I was shocked and decided to end the conversation. Upon asking for your name, he said, “You can write as many letters as you like, but it won’t matter because I’m going to go back and talk to him in about 10 minutes and explain our side.” I replied with a statement saying that I never said that I was going to write a letter but would appreciate the owner’s name. He rudely replied back saying that he was giving it to me.
As I left your restaurant, I felt that our problem remained unresolved. I was appalled at the way my friend and I were treated and was humiliated that anyone would treat us this way. Others were allowed to move anywhere about the restaurant and I was told that it was fine for them to move, yet when we moved to different seats, we were threatened to be kicked out. Your restaurant gave us the worst treatment that I have ever received and I am very upset with the service we received even after spending a great deal of money on tickets, drinks and dinner at your restaurant. Speaking to Clyde regarding this unsatisfactory experience only made things worse with statements that were degrading and embarrassing with remarks stating that we should not return to the restaurant if we did not want to. I regret that my friend and I spent this much money on such a disasterous and humiliating evening. Please contact me regarding this situation and I hope to see your customer service change in the future.
Angela from Irvine

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