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Review by ASKENDRIA on 2007-08-29
BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA -- Located in Butler, PA is a rip off company and also known as A.L.M.INDUSTRIES,INC. website

On May 2007 they took $1200.00 deposit for tree removal and never showed up to do the job. I called them in the phone and no one answer any of my calls or get back with me with all the messages I left and sent several e-mails to them to let them know that since no one showed up to do the job I want my money back. The president of the company who she said from her emails she would refund the money, she never did and all her reply was a big lie. I sent them letters by mail to refund me the money they owe me but still no reply; I was forced to go to the court and fill a case. In the hearing date Aug. 15th 2007 no one showed up from the company and I got a judgment against it for the amount they owe me plus $81.00 court fees.

AFTER ALL OF THIS, STILL WON’T RETURN MY MONEY. check out this link I'll up date the site.
Stay a way from them.
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Posted by moneybags on 2007-08-29:
Look at the back of the check (I hope) you gave them. It should show where they deposited it and the account number. Talk to an attorney about seizing the account for recovery of your money. The account can be seized
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-29:
Easier than that is to go to small claims court. You can win triple damages (in most states) for deceptive business practices. When you file, be sure and go to the courthouse and find out who the owners of the business are. You can have a sheriff serve them at home.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-08-29:
Ken... he already went to court and got a judgment.
Posted by ASKENDRIA on 2007-08-29:
Thank you money, ken and brenda. I must wait 30 days from date of judgment to take any action, the last 2 days were ugly and nasty like a war with the people of this company, It's a family business by the way and they run the company from several house address plus the post office box which is the official address of the company, they think they can ripoff people money and got a way with it. I did my home work and got the address of these people and other personal information about them as well and to tell you, you can file a complain up to federal level for deceptive business not just small claims court of city, county or state. They think they are smart but they are like rats when they hear somthing they hide in holes and wait for the next move.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-29:
More fuel for your fire. When I had arborists come to my home this summer for massive tree trimming (at a hefty cost), they didn't require any down payment. They only asked to be paid when the work was done to my satisfaction. All three companies I received estimates from were the same in that respect. It shows that the company you are dealing with is especially slimy. I hope you do get triple from them for ripping you off.
Posted by ASKENDRIA on 2007-08-30:
No small claims court system in Butler county PA and all counties and each area of the county has it’s own court they call it District Court and also called Magisterial District Court which they handle traffic violation, low degree of criminal cases and civil as well. Large cities have small climes court but outside big cities you have the D.C. and M.D.C. Judgment in civil cases is not like other small claims court when you get judgment and it is final but with D.C. or M.D.C. you must wait 30 days before any action “ right to appeal judgment” it sound good but also the court awarding defendants time to do a lot of hiding and disposal of asset, properties or whatever. What do you think of the 30 days?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-30:
30 days is too long. These people can do a lot of monetary damage to other people in that amount of time.

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