indian river gift fruit (bee sweet) Complaint - refusing to reimbuse damages on/ for double charges

Review by janatmsn on 2003-02-03
FLORIDA -- I have ordered from florida orange groves for many years I did have problems because they would sometimes bill your acount twice-once when you placed the order and once when they received it. This past year I ordered a bushel of oranges as a gift and i used my debit card. they charged me once $45.00 when i placed the order and again $45.00. I noticed the double bill and then charged them back for the second billing but I was using a debit card. The next check i wrote would have gone through but thanks to their billing me twice-it didn't- I had to pay twice $15.00=$30.00 for bank charges and because it was a department store (kaufmann's) they in turn charged me $25.00 for each time(2x's) the check was put in and refused payment=$50 When I talked to Bee Sweet about it they told me that they were told to tell people that the management will not be responsible for any other charges incurred and that i probably couldn't prove it-but I can. I asked for the name and number of the person in charge and they gave me another number to call which told me I couldn't receive any compensation. I said I wanted to talk to the person in charge more likely the owner and she said he would not talk to me she would not give me a name or number. All of this took place because of their double billing which has happened to me before but I wasn't using a debit card before so I was credited for the amount overbilled and that was the end of it.In this case I should have been reinbused by the person who created this problem and this problem should not go unchecked for years. What if this was done to everyone who put in an order, you mean to tell me the management or owner would not want to know? I just think there is something very peculiar about this double billing. It seems to me to be a bit odd that they don't want to be contacted and don't ask their employees to correct the error and this goes on from year to year. It's not the firt time it has happened to me but it will be the last because I have paid this year $125 for one bushel of oranges and if i didn't notice I was double billed I would have paid $170-they could have very easily offered me a free bushel next year(actually maybe two bushels free)-something along those lines considering I buy from them every year. But I was surprised and how cold they were toward the situation which was their fault.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-02-03:
Well, now this teaches you the downside of using a debit card. Perhaps rethink keeping only $50 in your checking account.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-02-04:
It is impossible to keep just $50 in your checking account and even if a person did that they have the number they can overcharge which would result in the same thing if it is a debit or credit and you must catch the difference. I prefer to deal with honest people and people who can say -yes I made a mistake now how can we make an adjustment that is satisfatory
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-02-04:
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-02-04:
I am amazed at the comment to the complaaint that the person should only keep $50 in a debit account-you might as well not have one. It's no excuse for someone doing this sort of thing and I will think twice before buying from them also. They did send a very bad message by not wanting to do anything in repayment but by the same token they will willingly replace fruit if you say it isn't to your liking. Their guidelines seem to be unbalanced. Replace fruit for someone who may be a onetime customer but do nothing for a person who orders every year. Sounds strange. I think they should have made a wiser decision.

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