Watson Realty Complaint - Dishonest Service - Home Purchase

Review by Kio on 2007-09-05
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- My husband and I purchased a home where [name removed] was the Realtor in charge of the sale. She presented herself a thorough Realtor and at first we felt comfortable with the sale.

At the time of closing, the individuals renting the house from the owner, who [removed] represented, ran into some mover trouble and were still moving when we went for our final walk through. [removed] assured us that everything would be taken care or, including the mud stains the carpet had from the mover and some other minor issues.

My husband and I went ahead with the closing. However, after the closing [removed] was never available. I must have made at least 10 call to get her to schedule the cleaners and the carpet cleaning which had been agreed upon. After the cleaners (who did less than a mediocre job) and the carpet cleaners finished their job we were left with a semi-dirty house and a mud stained carpet.

After another round of endless voicemail messages for [removed] she called me back to yell at me and tell me to leave her alone. She told me that all of the points of the agreement had been completed and her and the owners obligation were done.

Of course I would have never closed on the home with mud stains in the carpet. So our trusting the ethics of [removed] ended up costing us more in move in costs because we had to have the carpet professionally cleaned again.

The moral of tour story? Do not trust [removed] business practice or ethics. She is our for her own personal gain and one she has your money she will not care about following through on her agreements.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-05:
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-09-05:
Have you never dealt with a realor before? Once the closing takes place you are pretty much on your own unless you have it in writing. Verbal promises tend to die right there on the closing table. At least you got some cleaning from them.
Posted by Principissa on 2007-09-05:
Ok, we are in the market for our first home. And I am telling you that once you sign the papers for closing, you agree that the home you are buying is up to your standards. Once that is done it is no longer the realtors' or former owners responsibility to have these things taken care of, it is now your home so that responsibility becomes yours. Yes it's pretty crappy that this happened, but the realtor held up her end of the deal and had them cleaned. Enjoy your new home.
Posted by killerklown on 2007-09-07:
The moral of your story should be don't trust anyone without having it in writing.

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