Findlay Nolte Honda Complaint - Mis-represented Honda Civic Towing Capabilities

Review by JRupp on 2007-09-07
KINGMAN, ARIZONA -- Findley Honda mis-represented towing capabilities of Civic
We are full-time RV'ers so it is very important we have a car that can be towed. We called Findley Nolte Honda and inquired of a automatic car that can be towed on four wheels. They stated that the '06 Honda Civic can. We went to their dealership and two separate salesmen told us that the Honda Civic can be flat towed and that they have sold several to other RV'ers. The closer of the deal told us that they could even put on a tow bar if we had the time. We did not have the time. We went to another company to put the tow bar on.
After towing for 10,000 miles we pull up to a stop in Canada and the front wheels lock up, jerking the motorhome. We immediately had it towed into a Honda dealership in Canada. They informed us that the whole transmission had to be replaced.

We immediately called Findlay Nolte Honda and told them the situation and how were they going to help us. They replied that the warranty is not valid if the car is towed. After checking with management they would only offer their cost of a transmission approximately $1200, and 1/2 labor $249.20. Their total offer $1449.20 which we declined.

The actual cost owed to us $6372.28. This is for Transmission, Car Dolly, receiver hitch, trailer electrical, and hook-up of electric brakes for tow dolly.

We would not have to have a dolly for car transport if they were honest with us regarding towing. We would have never bought this car if it could not be flat towed.

We have already spent $2500 on tow bar system and $1200 on a braking system which we only purchased for towing on four wheels, and now can not be used.
We were fortunate that we were pulling from a stop sign and not going 50 mph on the Hwy.
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Posted by GWbiker on 2007-09-08:
In my 2006 Honda Accord owners manual (same drivetrain), under a heading labeled as emergency towing:"With the front wheels on the ground, it is best to tow the vehicle no farther than 50 miles, and keep the speed below 35MPH) Unfortunately, you're not the first person to be given wrong or incomplete information by a Honda salesman, and you won't be the last. But had you READ your owners manual, you could have prevented damage to your Civic transmission.
Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2007-09-08:
I always read the owners manual. A car salesman always tells you what you want to hear, and you got taken like many others.
Posted by scrapdaddy on 2009-03-26:
just another example of how this dealership has no integrity, any thing to take your money seems to be there MO. avoid these guys at all cost!!!!
Posted by Noltez! on 2011-06-10:
Seems like all you wanna do is complain. I have listed my name and phone number on every site i could find to try and help you guy's but no response as of yet. I offered to pay for your transmission several times and the labor, all you had to do was send me a copy of a receipt. I do not understand why you would not collect unless you did not do the repairs. If you would have brought the car in I would have bought the car back no problem as i offered before. But No you seem to just wanna complain instead of coming to a resolution.
Posted by Pepper on 2011-06-10:
Is that really the company or someone trying to make the company look bad?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-10:
Great review! Very helpful!
Posted by T on 2011-06-10:
Wow - this complaint is 3-3/4 years old, and the parties haven't come to a resolution yet. Amazing.

I do note that the owner's manual says the car can't be towed as the owner was advised, which should have been the controlling factor here. I would have accepted the cost of replacing the transmission.

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