Moe's Southwest Grill Complaint - HORRIBLE Service at Orlando Moe's

Review by gotpictures78 on 2003-03-26
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I visited your restaurant for the first time in February 2003 and have been back several times since the food is exceptional. However, I will not be returning to your location again after the poor customer service and rude behavior on the part of one of your employees on Sunday evening, March 23rd.

Let me briefly explain the situation. I had ordered my nachos and paid for them and when my friend ordered his meal your employee added my nachos to his. When he went to pay for his, she asked him what he ordered and he mistakenly told her the wrong name of one of the tacos. When paying which was twice the amount it should have been, he asked regarding the difference, and discovered that she had added my nachos to the order as well as including the incorrect taco. He admitted the taco was his mistake, not to worry about that, but to please take the nachos off his receipt. Because that my change was still sitting on the counter, it was quite simple to see that she had indeed overcharged him for the nachos. Upon his first attempt to explain the situation, she simply insisted everything was correct and it was his fault the taco was wrong. He once again stated that the taco was fine, that was not the issue. He wanted $3.99 back for the nachos. Not only did she argue with him, she continually raised her voice. She kept insisting that he was wrong and would not even listen. I stepped in to try to explain it to her and showed her the change from both transactions again. Only then did she finally LOOK at the receipt which showed her the mistake. Still refusing to admit any fault, she repeatedly told him it was his fault he screwed up when telling her which taco he ordered. Her tone was insulting, her words demeaning and with each sentence she got louder. Everyone in the entire establishment could hear her. At one point she even informed us that she was not going to settle it then, we needed to go sit down and eat and she would figure it out later. She then refused to help us, while ringing up the couple after us, until we both informed her we were not sitting down until it was taken care of. She loudly called down to another employee in an irritated voice asking her to come deal with us. A young lady came over, took one look at the receipt, opened the cash register and handed him back $3.99 plus tax, said “thank you” and went back to her station. That is how the situation should have been handled five minutes earlier.

We were extremely disappointed in the service we received at the Sand Lake establishment. If you want to be yelled at or like the "Soup Nazi" atmosphere, hey, give it a try. But if you want to actually be treated decently I recommend heading to Winter Park, FL. That is where I will be going from now on.
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Posted by 5kidsmom on 2006-01-17:
This problem is not just at the Orlando store, I recently visted the brand new Moe's located in Winter Springs and experienced similar problems. In my case, it was the manager that treated me with total disrespect. Not onlt were we missing items, we were overcharged. This poor customer services and total lack of professionalism was not called for. We will not be going back to that restaurant and agree that the Winter Park location is wonderful and well worth the drive!!!

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