Ouirsmon Hyundai Compliment - A Square Deal At The End Of The Tunnel

Review by gprimr1 on 2007-09-11
LAUREN, MARYLAND -- I wanted to share my car buying experience after helping others.

I went recently to buy a 2007 Elantra and I went to Ourisman Hyundai on Route 198 in Maryland. (Laurel). I drove up and was greeted and asked what I was looking for. I told them a red 2007 Elantra and they found one. We went on the test drive and I was upset the salesman came along. When I test drove a used car with my ex-gf, they didn't go along. He was talking the whole time, making it difficult to focus on the car, but I have worked at jobs long enough to multi-task.

He saw that I had a Maryland Area Commuter Rail sticker and would talk about how great trains are and how great criminal justice is (my major.)

So we talked price. They offered to sell the car for 17,000. I told them that was way out there and could they offer me anything for my trade. They offered me 16,200 out the door (1984 Crown Vic). I told them I had to think about it and I walked around outside. The salesman came up to me and asked for the keys to my trade so they could evaluate it. I told him I was still thinking and I would come in, in a minute. I decided that I couldn't buy the car and I went to tell him I could do 15,500 but no higher.

I didn't see anyone so I jumped in my car and pealed out the driveway making a scene.

10 minutes later as I was eating they phoned 15 times and sent 3 e-mails telling me they approved me for 15,000.

Turns out that 500 of that was for a military discount I thought my dad was eligible for but wasn't.

We settled on 15400 for a 2007 Elantra GLS with dealer options. I got 1,000 for my 1984 Crown Vic and I had to use their financing. (Over the life of the loan, it will be about 50 dollars more than my original financing.) I got 6.29%.

They wanted to do it just with me but I remembered the financing scam even though I have a 700 credit score, I'm 21 and I thought they might pull a trick on me.

They promised me mats and a free tank of gas. I got it in writing and they made good on their promise.

One thing that pissed me off was that the manager said the dealership would be sued if they waived the dealer processing fee because they can't waive it for me. I told them that I was a pre-law student and it is a state law and they won't be sued because every contract clearly states it is not required by law. The lawsuit would be fruitless because if you read the contract you would know.

Other than that, they were a decent group of people to work with and I would probably buy there again.

The salesman's key mistake was one that most customers make. He got into the sale and didn't notice one thing I said. I told him that I watched King of Cars religiously. If he'd remembered that, he wouldn't have tried to pull that "I need the keys to appraise the trade."
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-11:
Not sure how they present it to you.

This is base on your information.

They cannot make your trade-in (84 Buick) worth $1,000 because they cannot sell it for anything close to that price.

Unless you purchased the car before 8/1/07…

Here are the numbers.

2007 Hyundai Elantra (base) MSRP = $14,395, Invoice = $13,997.

The asking (sticker/initial) price was $17,000 with options. A general incentive program of $1, 000 (8/07 – 10/07) was subtracted from your purchase price. Your negotiated price and trade-in value are equal to $600 dollars. This is a OK deal.

$17,000 - $1,000 - $600 = $15,400.

If you pay full MSRP + options – incentive = $16,000.

Unless the sales rep. and/or manager are unaware of their own incentive program, they were trying to take you to the cleaner at $16,200.
Posted by MRM on 2007-09-11:
I have printed this article for future reference when I go to the Jeep dealership in the near future. Thank you "gprimr1" and "HappyJoyBear" for your insights. HappyJoyBear, you have made things clearer with regards to the sticker price and the invoice price.

PS. What time does King of Cars come on? I like that show, but I dont see that in my viewing area anymore.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-11:
No problem.

That show is on A&E. You need to check your local listing for showtime.

You should always check KBB and/or Edmunds for MSRP, invoice and/or factory incentives on a new car.

You should always check KBB and/or Edmunds for your trade-in value.

You should always go to 2 dealerships (or more) to get the best possible deal.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-11:
gprimr1: Good information and i voted your review 'Very Helpful'.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-11:
One last thing...

Dealerships like to play the number game. They can inflate your trade-in value by lowering the negotiated price. This way, it looks like they give you more money for your trade-in.

I usually negotiate the purchase price and trade-in separately. This usually gives you the best deal.
Posted by gprimr1 on 2007-09-11:
King of Cars is actually off the air right now. They air it occasionally on Sundays. There is a new season coming in January so I suspect in December they may start airing some old episodes.

This car was actually bought on 8/3/07, I'm just slow to write the review. Good luck.

I'm sure that some people would disagree but I told them that I was willing to buy if the deal was right.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-11:
We agree it is a good deal, not the best deal. I am glad that you did not pay $16,200.

I got a friend that works at Hyundai, I can get you invoice price on your next Hyundai.
Posted by Aerocave on 2007-09-11:
Actually, HappyJoyBear you are wrong...Dealers inflate the trade by adding the discount (off of MSRP or list price) to the actual cash value of the trade-in...you stated by "They can inflate your trade-in by lowering the negotiated price"
In other words, if you work off of MSRP and the ACV of the trade is $5000 and they are giving a $500 discount, they will show you $5500...If the discount is shown upfront (by negotiating the Purchase price and trade separately), the MSRP would be discounted $500 and they would show you $5000 for the trade--as I always tell customers, the "bottom line" is really what matters in purchasing the car.

Food for thought: I always have to laugh to myself about how consumers want to buy the car at invoice, and then turn around and complain about "the bad service" they received at automotive dealers on this forum...you get what you pay for! This is the same problem that is going on with the airlines...we do not sell cars at invoice at our dealership. I can hire monkeys to do that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-11:
Yes, you put it more elequently…

I meant the negotiated price.

The OP was so happy because he think the dealership was giving him $1,000 for a 84 Buick.

The number just doesn’t add up…

MSRP – incentive – (negotiated price + trade-in) = purchase price.

$17,000 – $1,000 – ($600) = = $15,400.

I agree that he got a good deal, but not a great deal.

You said “always tell customers, the "bottom line" is really what matters in purchasing the car.”

So you are a car sales person/manager/owner…

That’s cool, we still like you.
Posted by Aerocave on 2007-09-12:
Glad I am still liked...despite my opinions...(I am the General Sales Manager of a Pontiac-Buick-GMC-Honda dealership).

I try to be objective on my comments. Some people think I am always defending the dealership, however, I am simply trying to give the "other side of the story" when applicable. I realize there are greedy, arrogant dealerships out there, but these operations are truly in decline, as consumers have become more educated and savvy, which is simply putting these low class organizations out of business.

I do think consumers need to realize sometimes that most of us are simply trying to earn a good living (which I can't complain--I do), but with that comes long hours and some customers who feel they are owed the world and simply treat us like dirt.

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